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Recent Acquisitions


Thanks to the generosity of the Friends, the Stewart Library recently purchased the following resources:

The Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior features up-to-date information from experts in many disciplines, including biology, psychology, anthropology, entomology, philosophy and veterinary medicine. It contains over three hundred entries with photographs, charts and diagrams. Three volumes.

Understanding China Today presents accurate, current information regarding the country’s peoples, leadership, policies and institutions. Of particular interest as China’s economic influence and political importance increase, it includes over two hundred entries written by scholars, in various disciplines, from both the United States and China. Two volumes.

Women in the Middle Ages provides more than three hundred alphabetically-arranged entries by leading scholars on women’s
culture and related topics from the third to the 15th centuries, and is helpful to students and faculty from various disciplines. Two volumes.

The Encyclopedia of Anthropology features a collection of entries from several hundred internationally-recognized authorities, intended to provide a deeper understanding and appreciation for those things that make up modern anthropology and its related disciplines. Five volumes.

The Encyclopedia Latina offers an interdisciplinary, ground-breaking reference on Latino history, society and culture in the United States from the 15th century to the present. It also features different aspects of Latino life, as well as the contributions
and influences of the Hispanic culture. Four volumes.

Comprehensive Organic Group Transformations II provides an efficient first-point entry into the key literature on the research involving the synthesis of new organic compounds. Seven volumes.

Encyclopedia of Hormones, editors-in-chief, Helen L. Henry and Anthony W. Norman, a three-volume set that covers all aspects of hormones: their chemical structure and biological synthesis; the major physiological systems in which they operate; the cellular and subcellular site of their action; and the consequences of imbalanced hormones.

Holocaust Literature: An Encyclopedia of Writers and Their Work, edited by S. Lillian Kremier, a two-volume work discussing the circumstances and characteristics of national literatures, including 300-plus entries on all of the key authors who have written about the Holocaust, along with a full primary biography and a selective critical bibliography entry.

The Language of Photography. This eight-part video series brings world-class photographers, academic experts, museum pesonnel and others together to discuss the history and mechanics of photography. They also emphasize major concerns, including digital image manipulation, and consumer issues such as information overload and selective perception.

Shakespearean Entrances, by Mariko Ichikawa, offers a systematic study of entrances and exits on the Shakespearean stage. Discussions include the length of time allowed for a character's entrance or exit; parallel action during entrances or exits; and how the players knew which stage doors to use.

Amazons to Fighter Pilots: A Bibliographic Dictionary of Military Women, edited by Reina Pennington, a two-volume biographical dictionary of military women ranges from Lakshmi Bai, a horsewoman, shooter and Rani of the Indian principality of Jhansi to fighter pilot Lilia Litviak, who in 1942 became the first woman to shoot down an enemy aircraft

Jewish Writers of the Twentieth Century, edited by Sorrel Kerbel, combines five introductory essays with some 330 alphabetically arranged entries, consisting of a biography, a list of selected publications, a signed interpretive essay and suggestions for further reading. It includes dramatists, poets, novelists and humorists.

Encyclopedia of American Folk Art, edited by Gerard C. Wertkin. This look inside the American Folk Art Museum in New York brings the first comprehensive, in-depth study of famous and lesser-known genres.

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