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Information for Prospective Donors


The Library welcomes hardbacks, paperbacks, children's books, audio recordings, video recordings, computer software, video games and other instructional or research items.

Please do not donate periodicals, items with significant damage (water damage, missing pages, broken spines, etc.) or out-of-date reference material.

Drop-off donations will be received in the Stewart Library Administration Office in room 108 or at the Circulation Desk.

To have items picked up, please contact Chandler Anderson at or 801-626-6766.

Gifts-in-Kind FAQs

How will the Library use my donation?

Donations are used to enhance existing collections and aid Library development.

Your donation will be evaluated and added to the Library's collections or sent to the annual book sale. The Library adds materials relevant to the University's research and instructional needs. However, duplicate items or materials that fall outside the Library's collection parameters will be sold at the book sale. Proceeds benefit the Library and are used to acquire needed resources.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, your donation is tax-deductible. However, you must leave your name and address when you make your donation to receive acknowledgment.

Will the Library provide an appraisal for my donation?

The Library is legally unable to appraise donations.

Additionally, donations with value exceeding $5,000 require a formal independent appraisal. In most situations, donors have sole responsibility to arrange and pay for the appraisal. Per IRS regulations, appraisals can be made no earlier than sixty days prior to the date of your donation.


Monetary Gifts

Monetary gifts are accepted through the

Development Office.

Development Office

4018 University Circle

Ogden, Utah 84408-4018


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For further assistance please contact:

Chandler Anderson

Stewart Library

3921 Central Campus Dr., Dept. 2901
Ogden, UT  84408-2901
(801) 626-6766

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