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Information Literacy Program: Administration, Human   Resources and Other Support

Financial Support: The information literacy program enjoys strong administrative support. Most budget requests for program needs and development are met. The information literacy program is adequately funded to attain the stated goals of the program and the activities of the Information Literacy (IL) Team. Although a specific instruction budget is not broken out for the IL team, general library wide budget information is provided annually to the team. The funding for the IL program covers all personnel costs connected with the program, including but not limited to clerical, and technical assistance. The funding covers supplies and materials; equipment, access to equipment; design, production, reproduction, and revision of materials; promotion and evaluation of the instruction program; as well as other identified costs. The allocation process allows for equipment and software replacement and enhancement as changes occur. The funding provides for some training and continuing education of those involved in the IL program.

Physical Facilities Support: The library faculty and staff enjoy the use excellent physical facilities including three state of the art classrooms. The library provides convenient access to the equipment and services necessary to design, produce, reproduce, and update instruction materials in a variety of formats. The library provides sufficient space for the preparation and storage of instruction materials. IL Team members generally work close to and have easy access to the classrooms and other needed instruction facilities, supplies, technologies and equipment. 

Administrative Support, Human Resources, Roles and Responsibilities: The IL Team provides an atmosphere conducive to innovation. The University Librarian and the Instruction Services Librarian encourage participation in team planning and in team activities. Each member of the IL Team has a clearly defined job description. In addition, the team has developed the following documents to communicate the roles, responsibilities and expectations of the scope of instruction responsibilities.

In addition an Annual Staffing Plan is developed to clearly communicate the expected number of teaching opportunities each member of the team is likely to have within a given year. This helps team members manage their time effectively, and helps team leaders fairly divide responsibilities.

Training: A structured program for orientation and training of new IL Team members, faculty and staff, includes the following activities:

  • New instruction librarians meet with instruction Services Librarian and are given all of the documents listed above.
  • Instruction Services Librarian encourages new employees to be involved in team activities.
  • Instruction services librarian encourages new employees to ask questions and to feel free to communicate as needed.
  • New personnel are encouraged to be involved in continuing education activities on and off campus.

Continuing Education: The University Librarian encourages and regularly extends financial support for continuing education activities, on and off campus, for all IL Team members. Continuing education opportunities are planned in the library each semester. In addition, IL faculty/staff are encouraged to attend the following regularly scheduled activities:

  • ALA, ACRL, ULA and UALC instruction related events
  • Other international, national, regional and local professional conferences and workshops
  • Database vendor workshops
  • On campus workshops including WSU Teaching Learning Forum sessions, WSU Online workshops, etc.
  • Other events of interest

The IL Team Intranet provides multiple suggestions and resources for teaching tips and other online tools to enhance teaching. Faculty are encouraged to report on instruction related continuing education activities in their annual Faculty Activity Report. Faculty activities are summarized in the IL Team Annual Report and in the Stewart Library Annual Report

Planning and Assessment: The University is committed to university wide programs for planning and assessment. A member of the IL Team serves on the University wide General Education & Assessment Committee and shares the University assessment initiative goals and activities with the library and with the IL Team. The University Librarian and the Instruction Services Librarian strongly support assessment activities for student learning and for the instruction program.

Assessment plans are developed for each type of instruction offered. Assessment data is collected, analyzed and used for planning for each type of instruction.

The IL Team sets annual goals. These include sustaining outcomes (long range and continuing goals and objectives) and strategic outcomes (shorter range goals). Individual faculty members of the team also develop and set annual performance goals with input from the Instruction Services Librarian and the University Librarian. Programmatic goals and objectives are assessed at the end of the year and results are presented in the Annual Report. In addition programmatic assessment occurs in the ongoing faculty and student satisfaction surveys. Assessment and planning contribute greatly to the ongoing support, at all levels, for information literacy activities at Weber State University.

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