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Information Literacy Across the Curriculum at Weber State   University
Learning Levels Student Learning Opportunities and Assessments Partners
Life Long Learning Graduating Students Outcomes Survey WSU Office of Budget and Institutional Research, WSU Assessment Committee
 Untangling the Web (discontinued 2002), Alumni support, Workshops for Faculty/Staff , and for the broader community Library and WSU Faculty and Students, Alumni Center, Center for Lifelong Learning, Teaching and Learning Forum, Teaching Learning and Technology Round Table, Public Libraries, UALC, Local Public Libraries and other schools
Upper Division and Masters Programs Capstone Courses (BIS, others)  Library, WSU Faculty and Students

 Upper Division Course Integrated Instruction

 Library, WSU Faculty and Students

Lower Division
& Core Requirements
Information Literacy Competency Requirement Library, WSU Faculty and Students, WSU Online, TBE Department and UALC
-Information Navigator LibSci 1704

-Library Skills, Resources and Research
LibSci 2201

No longer taught after Fall 2007

-Information Resources for Business LibSci 2704

-Information Resources for Social Sciences

LibSci 2804

-Information Literacy Competency Exam

TBE 1504

General Education, Humanities on the Internet (Discontinued Spring 2007), Communication, etc. Library, WSU Faculty and Students
Lower Division Course Integrated Instruction  Library, WSU Faculty and Students
English 2010 Library Orientation Exercise Library, Students and English Department
University Orientation First Year Experience (FYE) Library Exercise Library, WSU Faculty/Staff, Students, First Year Experience Program,
New Student Orientation, New Faculty Retreat  Library, WSU Faculty/Staff, Students, WSU Orientation Office and the Teaching and Learning Forum
Institutional Profile, Student Demographics,
  Noel Levitz Survey
WSU Office of Budget and Institutional Research,
Prior Knowledge Other college work, high school, vocational technical education, and other experience. Local high School initiative (RSPG/Hemingway) Library, WSU Faculty and Students, WSU Online, WSU Concurrent Enrollment and Early College programs, UALC, Local Public Libraries, Local High Schools.

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