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Information Literacy Program: Teaching and Learning   Environments and Facilities

Stewart Library has three state of the art electronic classrooms. These facilities, rooms 31, 59, and 138, have been carefully designed to meet the goals of the information literacy program and to reach out to the wider learning community. The instructional setting duplicates the equipment and technology that is available to library and Internet users in the reference area, and provides students with the technologies generally available on campus. The environment is designed to maximize active learning using a wide variety of teaching methods. University faculty and staff may request a session or schedule a classroom anytime by using our online scheduling calendar.

The facilities provide students with individual hands-on experience. The student stations in rooms 31 and 138 have recessed monitors enhancing classroom communication. Large screen projection is available from the teaching stations in all three rooms. Teachers may use a PC in all three rooms and a MAC in 31. The facilities enable the instructor to demonstrate all the information systems available to the library's users. Large bulletin boards, white boards, video, audio, cd players and ELMO overhead projector are provided. Free laser printing is also available. Computers are kept up to date by the Library Systems Team with standard software and plug ins.

The instructional setting also includes round tables seating 24-30 (rooms 31 and 138 only) and is flexible enough to accommodate small group work and a variety of other teaching methods and learning styles.


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