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FYE Information Literacy Module:     Assessment Plan

Approved by IL Team and FYE Faculty Nov 7, 2006

Priority Outcomes  How Assessed 
(measures and criteria)
(data and reports)

1. Students will feel comfortable asking for help in the library

Pedagogy: Presentation given by pleasant smiling librarian

2. Students will be able to use the library web page and the library catalog

Pedagogy: Brief Web demo, exercise focusing on library guides and how to use the library catalog to find a book on service learning

3. Students will be able to locate full-text articles using Academic Search Premier (or other general/

multidisciplinary database as available)

Pedagogy: Brief Web demo followed by exercise using Academic Search Premier. The research topics used for the exercise will focus on the needs and priorities of the section. These might include time management, study skills, career planning or service learning.

4. Students will understand WSU's Computer & Information Literacy Part D requirement and how to meet it

Pedagogy: Brief Web demo and exercise

5. Additional outcomes may be added as needed through discussions between FYE and IL instructors.

Pedagogy: FYE faculty and IL instructors are encouraged to work together to integrate IL into FYE curriculum.


Each student will complete the FYE Library/Internet Skills Exercise.

FYE students will complete the online feedback form

Instruction Services librarian will meet with FYE faculty and staff focus group at least once a year to gather comments and suggestions.










Each student will complete the exercise in every section.

Students will complete the evaluation/ feedback form each semester.

Comments from focus group will be communicated with the team. 

Statistics on numbers of students served appears in the instruction team annual report

Data and comments will be used to continually improve these sessions.

Feedback Form Results:




Updated February 1, 2007 . Please send comments to Carol Hansen
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