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Information Literacy Program  Lib Sci/TBE 1704 Information  Navigator Assessment Plan

(Draft 09/25/2002 )

Priority Outcomes  How Assessed (measures and criteria) Schedule 
(data and reports)
Students will be able to:
  • Better understand the Internet as a tool for communication and  research 
  • Understand and apply the steps in the research process
  • Develop a focused research topic
  • Identify the appropriate types and formats of information for academic research
  • Find and access information by effectively using catalogs, databases and search engines
  • Use information resources effectively 
  • Critically evaluate information sources
  • Document information sources
  • Understand HTML code in order to know how Web pages are created 

Additional outcomes within the  ACRL standards have also been identified.

Students will be given multiple opportunities to practice improving skills identifying, finding, assessing, using and evaluating information for academic research and lifelong learning. Students will demonstrate their abilities by completing 
  • a series of practical exercises
  • graded assignments designed to build information literacy skills
  • and a final research project (annotated bibliography.)  This project is designed to assess all of the outcomes listed. (benchmarks or rubrics forthcoming)

Quizzes will also be used to assess comprehension of basic concepts, ideas and knowledge gained. 

The student end of course evaluation will assess how students feel about their own learning in each outcome. 






Exercises, quizzes and bibliography projects will be included in each course, each semester.

Student end of course evaluations will be conducted for every section taught. The two questions on the overall success of the class will be made publicly available.

Faculty will use data and comments to continually improve student learning and teaching methods. Descriptions of how assessment data was used will appear in individual Faculty Annual Reports. Selections will be summarized in the team annual report beginning Summer 2003.

Summary reports of evaluations appear in faculty professional files.

Enrollment data will be published in the instruction team annual report.





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