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Information Literacy Program: Untangling the Web Instruction   Assessment Plan
(Draft 11/20/2001 )
Priority Outcomes  How Assessed 
(measures and criteria)
(data and reports)

1. Goal: Promote the Stewart Library and Weber State University to the community.

Outcome: Community members attend sessions

We will ask community members that attend to complete our Untangling the Web  survey.

Instruction team member will also count attendees.

Additional information is gathered informally, by talking to participants.
At each session, any comments from attendees are shared with team as needed.

Surveys are compiled and summarized. A summary report, including attendance data, is included and in the instruction team annual report

2. Goal: Provide general introduction to the technical and informational aspects of the internet.

Outcome: Attendees will attain a higher comfort level using internet resources.

3. Goal: Promote life-long learning by providing a low-stress environment to learn new technological and informational skills.

Outcome: Attendees feel comfortable attending classes and, as in the goal above, attain a higher comfort level using internet resources.

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