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Article Database Search Results for the Letter A
AATA Online: Art & Archaeology Technical Abstracts 
Indexing and abstracts for the international art and archeology conservation literature. Topics include methods of material culture examination; general topics in conservation; archaeological methods; architectural conservation; education and training; production technology; material culture treatment and techniques; and a variety of specialized topics. Coverage ranges from 1932 to the present.

ABI/INFORM Complete 
Searches ABI/INFORM Dateline, ABI/INFORM Global and ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry.

ABI/Inform Dateline 
Hard-to-find local and regional business news coverage of large corporations, privately held companies, local start-ups, executive profiles, marketing, finance, and industry news. Provides access to business information not typically found in national news sources. Contains news and analysis, information on local markets, and more gathered from major business tabloids, magazines, daily newspapers, wire services, and city, state, and regional business publications.

ABI/Inform Global 
Search nearly 1800 worldwide business periodicals for in-depth coverage of business and economic conditions, management techniques, theory, and practice of business, advertising, marketing, economics, human resources, finance, taxation, computers, and more. Expanded international coverage. Fast access to information on 60,000 + companies with business and executive profiles. Now includes The Wall Street Journal.

ABI/Inform Trade & Industry 
Search more than 750 business periodicals and newsletters with a trade or industry focus. Provides users with the latest industry news, product and competitive information, marketing trends, and a wide variety of other topics. Contains publications on every major industry, including finance, insurance, transportation, construction, and many more.

Academic Search Premier 
The world's largest academic multi-disciplinary database, Academic Search Premier provides full text for more than 4,600 scholarly publications, including full text for more than 3,500 peer-reviewed journals. Coverage spans virtually every area of academic study and offers information dating as far back as 1975. This database is updated on a daily basis via EBSCOhost

Achieving Sustainability 
Aimed at readers who are not experts in the field, the material is relevant to courses in natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. It presents and analyzes the underpinnings of the multi-disciplinary concept of sustainability.

ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)Journals and Conference Proceedings 
Computer science, networks, and databases. Fulltext (PDF format).

AgEcon Search 
A free database provided by the University of Minnesota which provides full-text research articles on agriculture and applied economics. Some articles date back to the 1960s. Conference papers, working papers, and journal articles are included. A variety of academic institutions and professional associations contribute to the database.

This database contains bibliographic records from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Library. Coverage for AGRICOLA dates back to 1970 and includes more than 2.5 million citations. The citations are comprised of journal articles, monographs, theses, patents, software, audiovisual materials, and technical reports related to agriculture. Now a full text database.

Agricola (free version) 
Citations and abstracts in all areas of agriculture including cooperative extension, food science, forestry, home economics, nutrition, rural sociology and veterinary medicine. 1970 to the present. Updated monthly. This database is available to anyone, anywhere.

AGU - American Geophysical Union Digital Library 
100 years of Earth and space sciences research from AGUs preeminent journals. Access to primary research from 1896 through 1995.

AHFS Consumer Medication Information 
AHFS Consumer Medication Information is a trusted source and recognized standard for patient drug information, available in both English and Spanish. Published by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, AHFS includes more than a thousand drug information monographs written in lay language for consumers and has been a Top Ten Award Winner in the Department of Health and Human Services National Consumer Education Materials Contest. This content is updated monthly.

The latest information on clinical trials for treatment of AIDS, HIV, and related diseases. Also federally approved guidelines for treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS and current treatment regimens. Replaces AIDSTRIALS and AIDSDRUGS. This database is available to anyone anywhere.

The AIRData website from EPA gives you access to air pollution data for the entire United States. Includes ozone levels for states, location of air pollution monitoring sites, sources of air pollution in different towns and more. AIRData creates custom reports using criteria that you specify, displays standard maps of the United States, and provides names of people to contact. This database is available to anyone, anywhere.

Alternative and complementary approaches to health care and wellness from over 165 peer reviewed journals, consumer magazines, research reports, association newsletters. Selected fulltext. 1991 to present

America: History and Life 
Citations and abstracts for scholarly literature on the history and culture of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present. Covers 1964 to the present.

American Chemical Society (ACS) Legacy Archives 
The ACS Legacy Archives provides full-text searching and instant access to all titles, volumes, issues and articles published by the ACS from 1879 to 1995.

American Chemical Society(ACS) 
Provides full-text searching and instant access to American Chemical Society Publications from 1996 to the present.

American Factfinder 
Search the U.S. Census Bureau for general housing, economic, population and geographic data. This database is available to anyone anywhere.

American Geophysical Union Journals 
AGU peer-reviewed journals.

American Masculinities: A Historical Encyclopedia 
Details the growing field of men's studies with an up-to-date analytical review of how the field has evolved over the last decade.

American Mathematical Society (AMS) Journals Online 
Fulltext mathematical journals.

American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Journals Online 
American Society for Microbiology: Microbiology, immunology, virology, molecular and cellular biology journals Fulltext, 1995 to present.

American Song (Music Online) 
The database includes songs by and about American Indians, miners, immigrants, slaves, children, pioneers, and cowboys. Included in the database are the songs of Civil Rights, political campaigns, Prohibition, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, anti-war protests, and more.

Anatomy.TV - Stat!Ref provides over 5,000 3D anatomical structures, clinical slides, dissections, animations and much more. To supplement the core three-dimensional anatomy data, are clinical videos and text written by some of the worlds leading medical specialists.

Annual Energy Review 
This system provides users with the ability to view via a browser, or to generate comma delimited text of any of the 1,837 data series contained in this report. Most data are available on an annual basis from 1949 through 1999. Includes information on Financial indicators, petroleum, electricity, nuclear energy, natural gas, consumption, renewable energy, energy resources and more. This database is available to anyone, anywhere.

Anthropological Index Online 
Index to anthropology periodicals in the collection of The Anthropology Library at the British Museum. 1970 to present, with limited coverage back to the 1950's. This database is available to anyone, anywhere.

Provides indexing, abstracts and some full text.

Art Full Text 
Citations and abstracts from 1984 to present, selected fulltext articles from 1997 to the present, covering Archaeology, Architecture, Art History, Computers in Art, Crafts, Decorative Arts, Fashion Design, Folk Art, Graphic Arts, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Landscape, Motion Pictures, Museology, Non Western Art, Painting, Photography, Pottery, Sculpture, Television, Textiles, and Video.

ARTstor is a digital library of more than one million images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and social sciences. Collections comprise contributions from outstanding museums, photographers, libraries, scholars, photo archives, and artists and artists' estates.

ASCE Civil Engineering Database 
"The Civil Engineering Database (CEDB) is designed to provide easy bibliographic access to all ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) publications. The database covers all the journals, conference proceedings, books, standards, manuals, magazines, and newspapers. Journal papers with abstracts go back to 1970. Non-abstract journal records go back to 1958. The book records are complete dating back to the early 1900s."

Auto Repair Reference Center 
From the publishers of the Chilton manuals; drawings, photographs, technical service bulletins, recalls, wiring diagrams, specifications & maintenance schedules, labor time guide and estimator for about 25,000 domestic and imported vehicles from 1954 to the present.

AWS Academic Access - American Welding Society 
AWS is the Complete Welding Reference Library in one place. It Contains all AWS electronic standards, specifications, methods and guidelines. Usage of this database is solely of an academic and noncommercial nature.

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