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Article Database Search Results for the Letter B
Bartlett's Quotations 
Search for quotations by keyword and author. 1919 and earlier only. This database is available to anyone, anywhere.

Biographical Directory of Congress 
Biographies of Senate and House members from 1774 to present. This database is available to anyone, anywhere.

Biography Reference Center 
A comprehensive collection of biographies on notable personalities. Note: This is a Public Library Pioneer database that can be accessed from any Utah internet address. When using a smart phone or tablet you need an internet connection or Wi-Fi. 3G or 4G connections require logging in with your local public library card.

Biological Abstracts 
Biological Abstracts®, produced by BIOSIS, is a complete collection of bibliographic references covering life science and biomedical research literature published from more than 4,000 journals internationally. This database contains nearly 7.7 million archival records from as far back as 1969, with more than 370,000 citations added each year. 1996 - present

Biomed Central 
Biomed Central is an independent publishing house, committed to providing free access to more than 170 peer-reviewed biomedical research articles. Online journals cover biology, medicine, and the life sciences. Open Access, but new users need to set up an account to use it.

Biomedical Reference Collection: Basic 
Covers such disciplines as clinical medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system and the preclinical sciences. The collection currently contains over 100 full text titles.

Access full text journals in biology, ecology and the environmental sciences.

Birds of North America 
Online resource which contains information on birds in the United States and Canada. The database contains comprehensive information on each species including habitat, appearance, behavior, breeding, and measurements.

BNA Tax Management Portfolios Library 
Provides tax analysis, tools, and news in an integrated library consisting of U.S. Income, State Tax, Foreign Income, Estates Gifts and Trusts, and Tax Practice.

Brands and Their Companies 
Lists manufacturers and distributors from small businesses to large corporations, from both the public and private sectors. Provides complete coverage of U.S. consumer brands; manufacturers, importers and distributors; and companies that are out of business, as well as brands that are no longer in production or are now considered generic.

Bridgeman Art Library Archive 
Bridgeman Art Library works with museums, art galleries and artists to make the best art available for reproduction. Every subject, concept, style and medium is represented, from the masterpieces of national museums to the hidden treasures of private collections. Fine art is just one of the sources of images; design, antiques, maps, architecture, furniture, glass, ceramics, anthropological artefacts and many others also feature in the collection.

Healthy and sustainable design and construction information. Daily news coverage as well as deeper analysis of strategies, policies, and programs, as well as green products and materials. If you are having trouble accessing articles, try using a different browser.

Business Plans Handbook 
Actual plans compiled by, and aimed at, entrepreneurs seeking funding for small businesses. Presents sample plans taken from businesses in manufacturing, retail and services industries as examples of how to approach, structure and compose business plans.

Business Rankings Annual 
Provides "top ten" rankings of companies, products, services, and business-related activities compiled from a variety of published sources.

Business Source Premier 
Coverage includes management, economics, finance, accounting, and international business topics. Selected fulltext.

Business Source Premier - Business Searching Interface 
The Business Searching Interface (BSI) provides an easy way to both browse and search for country economic data, company profiles, industry information and market research, and then use the results as limiters in a keyword search, if desired.

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