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Article Database Search Results for the Letter I
IBIDS: International Bibliographic Information on Dietary Supplements 
Information on Dietary Supplement Research

IBIS-PH is Utah's Indicator-Based Information System for Public Health. It contains statistics and reports related to the health of the Utah population and health care system. Useful resources include numerous reports from various Utah health and environmental agencies, indicator reports on specific public health measures, and an interactive data query system.

Comprehensive industry-based research reports on America's 700+ industries.

IEEE/IET Electronic Library 
Full-text access to the entire IEEE and IET collection of journals, magazines, and conference proceedings, plus all active and historical IEEE standards.

IIPA - International Index to the Performing Arts 
International Index to the Performing Arts - Citations, abstracts and some full-text articles on all aspects of the performing arts including plays and playwrights.

Industry Analysis (Banking) 
From FDIC. Includes Bank Data & Statistics, FDIC policy research and analysis of regional and national banking trends, and information on failed banks.

Offers single-point access to 25,000 publications on a wide range of subjects. References are linked to the full-text articles of over 4,500 publications from 150 academic and professional publishers. Coverage from 1988. Formerly CARL Uncover and Uncover Web.

Institute of Physics (IOP) Electronic Journals 
Full- text Physics, optics, engineering and materials science journals

International Directory of Company Histories 
Provides detailed histories of many of the largest and most influential companies worldwide.

International Encyclopedia of Dance 
With nearly 2,000 articles written by scholars from fifty countries, the Encyclopedia covers the full spectrum of dancetheatrical, ritual, dance-drama, folk, traditional, ethnic, and social dance. Cultural and national overviews are accompanied by entries on dance forms, music and costumes, performances, and biographies of dancers and choreographers.

International Encyclopedia of Linguistics (2nd Ed.) 
The Encyclopedia encompasses the full range of topics in linguistics, including such areas as historical, comparative, formal, mathematical, functional, philosophical, and sociolinguistics. Special attention is given to interrelations within these branches of the field and to relations of linguistics with other disciplines.

International Plant Names Index 
This database contains the name of seed plants from around the world and the references in the basic biological literature for that plant and its name. This database is a joint project of the Royal Botanical Gardens (Kew), Harvard University Herbaria and the Australian National Herbarium.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 
Provides taxonomic, conservation status and distribution information on taxa that have been evaluated using the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria. This system is designed to determine the relative risk of extinction. Searchable by species, subspecies, region, category, habitat, and threat

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