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Prisoners of War in Ogden: 1943-1946

Italian Prisoners of War marching


The Ogden Defense Depot, designated as a POW camp on October 11, 1942, was one of the first ten camps in the country. An estimated 5,000 Italian prisoners were sent there, in addition to approximately 4,000 German prisoners. The prisoners worked in local warehouses, farms, and orchards. After Italy surrendered in 1943, Italian Service Units were created which allowed the Italians greater freedom than the Germans, including visits to Downtown Ogden. The camp closed during the summer of 1946 after the 10,000 prisoners were shipped home.

This exhibit showcases photographs from the Defense Depot Ogden collection housed in the Stewart Library Special Collections. The photographs are highlighted by oral history quotations from people who had interaction with the Italian and German POWs.


POW compoundCompound

Italian POW in wood shopWork

Mounted guardsGuards

ISU partiesISU Parties

Italian bakersPrisoner Life

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