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Alphabetical Listing of Manuscripts


Items that are not linked are currently unproccessed.  Registers will be added as they are finished.


145th Field Artillery Collection MS 362

1930's-1940's Musical Scores

MS 201

2002 Olympic Collection

MS 200

2004 UCC Symposium Exhibits

MS 275

40th Anniversary Exhibit Collection MS 386

5th Ward School Grade Book: 1891

MS 205

Aadnesen , Grant C. Diary

MS 60

AAUW- Kaysville Chapter

MS 129

Abbey of Our Lady of Holy Trinity Collection

MS 32

Abbey of the Holy Trinity Collection

MS 173

Acacia Club Papers

MS 49

Adams, Delbert H. Collection

MS 182

Aglaia Club Records MS 316

Altruist Club

MS 105

Altrusa Club Collection

MS 269

American Association of University Women-Ogden

MS 47

American Legion

MS 68

Anderson, John B. & Anne Peebles Marriage Fraktur

MS 208

Architectural Drawings for Moore House in Provo, UT MS 307

Architectural Drawings of Tabernacle Square and Landscape

MS 104

Arrington, Leonard J. Collection

MS 15

Asian Textiles MS 337

Austad , Ambassador Mark Evans Collection

MS 107

Austad, Mark Evans Collection MS 333

Autoclaymation Tray

MS 139

Balmforth , Janet Roberts Collection

MS 25

Bamberger Railroad MS 356

Barker Family Records

MS 152

Barker, Mercy Rachel "Rae" Burton Barlow Collection

MS 72

Barnes, Claude T. Papers

MS 70

Bastian, Kenneth Collection

MS 287

Beck, Louise Becker Collection

MS 121

Becker Beer Collection

MS 54

Becker Beer Memorabilia

MS 79

Becraft Textiles MS 336

Belnap , George Ellis Collection

MS 198

Bitter Creek Record Collection

MS 224

Bransom , Paul Collection

MS 10

Breeze, Lois Manuscript Collection

MS 115

Brewer, Myrene R. Collection

MS 17

Brooks, Juanita Manuscript Collection

MS 4

Browning Family Genealogy

MS 272

Burton , Laurence J. Burton

MS 20

Burton , Laurence J. Personal Papers of

MS 117

BYU Broadsides MS 297
Cadet Corps Nurse Uniforms MS 372

Carr, Wilson S. Manuscript Collection

MS 11

Chamberlin, James Architectural Drawings

MS 157

Chareya Club Records

MS 190

Child Culture Club Records

MS 204

Children's Hour Club MS 310

Christensen, Jack A. Manuscript Collection

MS 6

Chugg , Robert Ogden Collection

MS 202

Collett , Farrell Collection

MS 45

Collett , Martha ( Martie ) Howard Collection

MS 120

Collins, Ted Collection

MS 211

Cook, Ernest, DDO Historian Collection

MS 83

Corn Family Collection MS 350
Coronet Club Records MS 317

Cox Musical Scores

MS 126

Dale, Arthur Collection

MS 238

Dalley, Beverly ERA Collection MS 369

Daughters of the American Revolution Manuscript Collection

MS 48

Daughters of Utah Pioneers Collection MS 377

Davidson, Kenneth Collection

MS 13

DDO Access-Road Needs Report

MS 267

DDO Architectual Drawings Collection

MS 264

DDO Prisoner of War Collection

MS 284

Dee School of Nursing Oral History Project MS 355
Dee School of Nursing Memorbilia MS 384

Dee, Lawrence T. Plaque Collection

MS 170

Dee, Thomas D. & Annie Taylor Family History Collection

MS 52

Dee, Thomas D. Memorial Hospital Collection

MS 51

Dee, Thomas D. Memorial Hospital Ephemera Collection

MS 167

Dee , Thomas D. School of Nursing Student Records: 1915-1955

MS 41

Defense Depot Ogden

MS 29

Department of Agriculture Marks and Brands MS 393
DeVoto, Bernard "The Easy Chair" Columns MS 309

Dissertations on Mormons and Mormonism: Bibliography

MS 39

Dixon , Henry Aldous Manuscript Collection

MS 37

Dixon , Mrs. Henry Aldous (Lucille) Collection

MS 118

Douglas , Emerson Historical Cartoons Collection

MS 177

Drawings of Trains Meeting at Promontory Point

MS 240

Early Utah Newspaper Collections

MS 237

Eccles Lumber Company Collection MS 292

Eccles Subdivision Preservation Collection

MS 210

Eccles, David Papers

MS 76

Eccles, Marriner S. Collection

MS 145

Echo City School Registers: 1896-1902

MS 262

Evans, David W. Personal Papers of

MS 136

Exchange Club Document Collection

MS 141

Exchange Club Plaque

MS 260

Farr, Lorin Block Collection

MS 197

Federation of Women's Clubs MS 370

Fisher, Vardis Correspondence

MS 134

Fister , George M. Collection

MS 146

Foothills Ward Relief Society Book Club MS 327

Frederick , Ariel Scrapbook

MS 286

Friends of the Egyptian Theater Collection

MS 43

Globe Grain and Milling Collection MS 380
Great Salt Lake Collection MS 358
Harrington Family Collection MS 365

Harris, Arvil Manuscript Collection

MS 12

Hart, Newell Manuscript Collection

MS 21

House, Mary Hawkes Collection

MS 234

Higashiyama, Eugene M. Collection

MS 106

Hill Airforce Base Newspaper Scrapbook

MS 178

Hill, Joe Movie Collection

MS 289

Hinckley Family Manuscripts and Photographs

MS 63

Hinckley , Helen (Jones) Manuscript Collection

MS 9

History of Medicine in Weber County Printer Plates

MS 216

Hodgson Family Oral Histories

MS 249

Hodgson, Leslie S. Architectural Drawings

MS 98

Hoffman, Mark Newspaper Collection

MS 217

Holley, Val Collection MS 322

Home Abstract Map Co. Maps of Ogden City : 1952

MS 270

Hoover Dam Photo-Chronology

MS 67

Horsfall , Ira Owen Collection

MS 82

Horspool and Kelly Furnace Door Patent

MS 151

Hunter, Rodello Collection

MS 5

IRS Collection MS 335
Jensen Family Collection MS 389

Jensen, Nephi Scrapbook

MS 57

Jenson, Andrew Manuscript Collection

MS 22

Johnson, Clair W.

MS 125

Johnson, Patricia Collection

MS 175

Johnston, Mrs. Blanche Collection

MS 227

Johnston, Ralph Collection

MS 65

Jones, Ken W. Architectural Drawings

MS 132

Jordan, William and Mae Hanley Correspondence

MS 242

Junction City Roller Dolls Collection MS 375

Junior League of Ogden Archives

MS 28

Kasius, Cora Collection MS 300

Kelner , Alexis "Save our Canyons" Collection

MS 194

Kendell , Blaine R. Collection

MS 124

Kendrick, John Collection

MS 44

Kerr Family Papers

MS 36

King, Laura P. Collection MS 293
Kinsey, H.H. Collection MS 342

Knights of Pythias Collection

MS 220

Knox, Marcia Scrapbook MS 323

Knudson Brothers Collection

MS 84

Kotter, Fred Missionary Letters Collection

MS 163

Ku Klux Klan Collection

MS 283

Lagoon Collection MS 364

Larkin Mortuary Records

MS 192

Larson, Clinton F. Manuscript Collection

MS 8

League of Women Voters-Weber County

MS 241

Leatham, Jeff Collection MS 373
Le Livre Literary Club MS 313

Lindsay, James E. Papers

MS 186

Lindsay, Verna Collection

MS 281

Littlefield, Edmond Arthur Collection MS 303
Littlefield, Edmund Wattis Collection MS 390

Littlefield, Edmund Wattis Memorabilia

MS 243

Littlefield, Edmund Wattis Memorial

MS 174

Littlefield, Edmund Wattis Speech & Correspondence Collection

MS 155

Littlefield, T. W. Political Scrapbook

MS 244

Loeb, Allan L. World War II Scrapbooks

MS 245

MacCarthy , Charles A. Collection

MS 183

Maggio , Lena Collection

MS 153

Malan Avenue, History of MS 367
Marriott-Slaterville History MS 351

Maule, Mr. George E. Architectural Drawings for

MS 93

Maw Family Collection MS 321

Maws, Herbert B. Autobiography

MS 171

Mazer , Nathan Collection

MS 290

McGriff Orchard & Canning Company

MS 138

McKay Dee Foundation Collection

MS 147

Michael, Ann Wattis Bowman Collection

MS 164

Miller, Eugene "Pete" Collection

MS 228

Miller, Helen House Collection

MS 144

Millitary Newspaper Collection

MS 278

Miscellanous Sheet Music Collection

MS 213

Mitchell, Bruce T. Collection

MS 185

Modern Literature Club of Ogden MS 324

Modling , Marilyn Collection

MS 263

Moench, Delecta Student Notebooks MS 296
Mohlman, Carla Diary MS 325

Moore, Thomas J. / Carolyn R. Nebeker Collection

MS 19

Mount Ogden Rotary Club Collection MS 387

Mountain Bell Telephone and Telegraph Manuscripts

MS 1

Nelson, Henry W. Diary of: 1904-1905

MS 261

Newspaper Scrapbook MS 352

Nichols, George L. Architectural Drawings

MS 133

Nichols, George L. U.S. Forest Service Collection

MS 78

Nichols, Red Collection

MS 158

North Ogden Book Club Collection

MS 195

North Ogden Post Office Manuscripts

MS 62

Oberg, Janet Newspaper Collection

MS 268

Ogden 3rd Ward Bishop's Store House Donation Book

MS 207

Ogden Bench Canal and Water Company

MS 184

Ogden Bench Canal Company Collection

MS 255

Ogden Business and Professional Women's Club

MS 112

Ogden Carnegie Library Collection

MS 266

Ogden Chamber of Commerce Records

MS 55

Ogden City Commission Exhibits and Records

MS 64

Ogden City Police Newspaper Clippings

MS 271

Ogden City Waterworks Department Register

MS 257

Ogden Coin Club MS 349
Ogden Country Club Women's Golf Association Scrapbooks MS 305

Ogden First Methodist Choir Record

MS 168

Ogden High School MS 347

Ogden History (Newspaper Collection)

MS 206

Ogden Hot Springs Collection

MS 130

Ogden Iron Works Architectural Drawings MS 366

Ogden Match Book Collection

MS 69

Ogden Millitary Academy Architectural Drawing

MS 239

Ogden Millitary Academy Collection

MS 109

Ogden Miscellaneous Collection

MS 189

Ogden Nature Center Collection MS 312

Ogden Naval Reserve Collection

MS 236

Ogden Paint, Oil & Glass Company Stock Book

MS 172

Ogden Post Office Records

MS 35

Ogden Raptors Baseball Collection

MS 231

Ogden Regional Family Center Pioneer Scrapbook MS 311

Ogden School Student Registers: 1917-1919

MS 276

Ogden Stake Gleaner and MM Activities Scrapbook MS 341
Ogden State Bank Ledgers MS 331
Ogden Sugar Company Ledger MS 299

Ogden Sugar Sacks

MS 159

Ogden- Symphony Ballet Association MS 360
Ogden T-Shirt Collection MS 371
Ogden Union Railway Collection MS 357

Ogden Water Company Ledger

MS 256

Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College MS 348
Ogden-Weber State Symphonic Choir Collection MS 328

Ogden , Logan , & Idaho Railway Co. Minute Book

MS 199

Ogden, Utah Baseball Collection, ca. 1939-1959

MS 123

Olpin Architectural Drawings

MS 46

Olsen, Chester "Chet" Manuscript Collection

MS 2

Olsen, James Collection MS 329
Olson, George and Son Collection MS 379

O'Neil, Eugene Centennial Symposium Poster

MS 161

Oral History Cassette Tapes

MS 223

Orton Family Home Collection

MS 219

Parker, Lynn Skiing Scrapbook

MS 188

Parry, Roland Manuscripts

MS 23

Peery, Harman W. Collection

MS 75

Pendleton, Dale Folk Music Collection

MS 215

People vs J. H. Martin Ms 319

Perrins , Glenn Manuscript Collection

MS 113

Peterson vs Ballatyne

MS 150

Peterson, George E. Collection

MS 288

Peterson, Levi Manuscript Collection

MS 114

Peterson, Lorenzo Manuscript Collection

MS 56

Petitions for the James Brown and Lorin Farr Monuments

MS 137

Prall , H. E. Manuscript Collection

MS 108

Pratt, Claud H. Collection

MS 34

Printmaking Poster MS 334
Public Health Reports MS 391

Purrington , Stanley Collection

MS 274

Railroad Collection

MS 31

Railroad Miscellaneous Collection

MS 259

Reese, Marion Chessman Collection

MS 280

Register for the Secretary of the Territory of Utah

MS 254

Rich, Dr. Edward I. & Emily Almira Cozzen Diaries

MS 74

Richards, Richard Collection

MS 16

Richards, Richard Scrapbook MS 301

Riding the Rails" Exhibit

MS 222

Roberts, Richard Miscellaneous Collection

MS 251

Robinson, Frank Baseball Collection

MS 230

Roser , Arlene Burk Autograph Collection

MS 26

Russell, Emma Manuscript Collection

MS 30

Sadler, Richard Collection (Weber Basin Water Conservancy District Records)

MS 110

Sanborn Maps of Ogden

MS 226

Sessions, Sterling and Gene Sessions UC/UI Research Files Collection

MS 265

Shaw, John Collection MS 353

Shaw, John A. Manuscript Collection

MS 14

Small Exhibit Collection MS 385
Smith, Adele Collection MS 376

Smith, Anne Manuscript Collection

MS 7

Smith, Mona Music Collection

MS 214

Smith, Orson Letters

MS 285

Snow Basin Ski Patrol Collection

MS 128

St. Benedict's Collection

MS 277

St. Benedict's School of Nursing MS 378
St. Benedict's Nursing Oral History Exhibit MS 383
St. Joseph's Church Newsletters MS 340

Stewart, Donnell & Elizabeth Collection

MS 73

Stewart, Elizabeth Manuscript Collection

MS 122

Stewart, LeConte Prints

MS 191

Stockland, Alan Transportation Collection MS 381

Stone, Charles B. & Earl M. Collection

MS 140

Stratford , Alfred E. Manuscript Collection

MS 40

Tanner Family Collection MS 374

Terry, William W. Collection

MS 116

The Deseret News

MS 162

The Four R's Records

MS 169

Thompson, Ralph S. Collection

MS 212

Thornock , Wayne Phamphlet Collection

MS 282

Turner, Thomas K. FBI Notebook

MS 179

UC/UI Exhibit Materials MS 308

UCC Symposium Photographic Exhibit 2002

MS 187

UCC Symposium Photographic Exhibit 2003- Hoover Dam

MS 258

UCC Symposium Photographic Exhibit 2005- Military

MS 279

UCC Symposium Photographic Exhibit 2006- Utah Goes International MS 294

Union Pacific Railroad Manuscript Collection

MS 3

Union Pacific Railroad Telegrams- Ogden

MS 148

U.S. Official Pictures of the World War MS 363

Utah Buttons and Tokens Collection

MS 131

Utah Centennial Newspapers

MS 225

Utah Constitutional Convention, Journal of the

MS 246

Utah Construction Company Corporate Reports and Financial Records

MS 50

Utah Construction Company Symposia MS 330

Utah Construction Company Symposium Exhibits

MS 149

Utah Construction Symposium Banners MS 343

Utah Construction/ Utah International Collection

MS 100

Utah Crimes Newspaper Clippings Collection

MS 248

Utah Defense Collection

MS 143

Utah Docket, Attorney General's Office, Union Pacific System, Salt Lake City

MS 193

Utah International/ General Electric Merger Documents

MS 156

Utah Naval Supply Depot MS 382

Utah State Historical Society- Weber Chapter

MS 160

Utah State Peace Society

MS 165

Utah State Poetry Society Collection MS 295
Utah Territorial Election Papers MS 392

Utah Wool Growers' Association Membership Ledger

MS 196

Vance, Elizabeth A. Collection

MS 119

Voss, Jason Collection

MS 233

Wahl, William R. Manuscript

MS 111

Walker, Olene Collection MS 315

Walking Tours of Ogden Manuscript

MS 53

Warnick, Francis Collection MS 314

Waterstradt , Jean Anne Collection

MS 235

Waterstradt , Jean Anne- Wayne Carver Correspondence

MS 142

Wattis Family Reunion MS 344
Wattis, W. H. Correspondence MS 326

Weary & Alford Co. Architectural Drawings

MS 218

Weber Chapter of the Alpha Iota Sorority

MS 166

Weber County Assessor's Office Collection

MS 33

Weber County Assessor's Rolls MS 339

Weber County Centennial Project

MS 80

Weber County Dairy Farmers Oral History Collection MS 302
Weber County Fair MS 361
Weber County Heritage Foundation Calendars MS 346
Weber County Ledgers MS 298

Weber County Politics (Newspaper Clippings)

MS 203

Weber County Watershed Protective Corporation Collection

MS 252

Weber Historical Society MS 318
Weber Pathways MS 359
Weber Stake of Zion MS 354

West Porterville , Utah School Ledger: 1891-1892

MS 273

Western Construction News Collection

MS 232

Western Film Festival Collection

MS 209

Western Literature Association Papers: 1978-1980 MS 345

Wheelwright Coin Collection

MS 221

Wheelwright Lumber Company Records

MS 66

Wheelwright, Hyrum B. Collection

MS 24

Williams, Edwin N. Manuscript

MS 61

Women's University Club Records MS 338

Woods Cross Canning Papers

MS 71

World War I Scrapbook Ms 320

World War I Service Cards

MS 135

World War I and II Posters MS 304
Wright, Raymond S. Collection MS 306

Yocum , Gordon and Phyllis (Burnett) Collection

MS 42

Young, Alfred Douglas Journal of: 1808-1842

MS 180

Younger, Ronald Collection

MS 247

Younger, Ronald Snowbasin Collection

MS 229


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