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P 1

Viola Lofgreen Zundel Photograph Collection

P 2

Glen Perrins Photographs

P 3

Chester "Chet" Olsen Photograph Collection

P 4

Union Pacific Railroad Photograph Collection

P 5

Mountain Bell Telephone and Telegraph Photographs

P 6

Jack A. Christensen Collection

P 7

Ogden Photograph Collection

P 8

Helen Hinckley (Jones) Photograph Collection

P 9

Paul Bransom Collection

P 10

Arvil B. Harris Photograph Collection

P 11

Kenneth Davidson Photographs

P 12

Richard Roberts Photograph Collection of Railroad and Ogden History

P 13

Edna Davenport Whitmeyer Photograph Collection of Ogden and Ogden Canyon

P 14

Hyrum B. Wheelwright Photograph Collection

P 15

Utah Historical Society Photographs

P 16

Phyllis Butler Photograph Collection

P 17

Dora McKay Photograph Collection

P 18

Emma Russell Photograph Collection

P 19

Jerome Bernstein Photograph Collection of Civil Conservation Corps Camps in the Intermountain West

P 20

Ernest Thompson Seton Collection

P 21

Ogden Photographs

P 22

Garland Lions Club Collection

P 24

Weber County Assessor's Office Photographs

P 25

Heber H. Thomas (Brigham Young University) Photographs

P 26

Henry Aldous Dixon Photographs

P 28

Rodney H. Brady Photograph Collection

P 29

Ogden Historical Photographs

P 30

John Sillito Collection

P 31

Elizabeth A. Vance Photographs

P 33

Daughters of the American Revolution Photograph Collection

P 35

Glen Rose Collection

P 36

William and Catherine King Photographs

P 37

Mona D. Ritchie Photograph Collection

P 41

Ogden Raptors Photograph Collection

P 42

Shipler Photograph Collection

P 43

Ogden, Utah Baseball Photograph Collection

P 44

Worth Wheelwright Photograph Collection

P 45

White Elephant Saloon and Gambling Hall

P 46

Edward Johnson Collection

P 47

Kiesel Family Photographs

P 48

Northern Utah

P 49

Ogden Canyon, Weber Canyon and Ogden Valley

P 50

Hill Field Collection

P 51

Lagoon Horse Races

P 52

Ogden High School Collection

P 53

Portrait Collection

P 54

Gomer A. Nicholas Collection

P 55 Ogden Chamber of Commerce Photographs

P 56

Transcontinental Railroad

P 59

Barker Family of North Ogden

P 60

Melinka of Astrakan

P 61

Ogden Canyon and Wheeler Canyon

P 62

Scenic Utah Collection

P 63

Saltair Resort Photographs

P 64 Ogden City Mall Demolition

P 65

Sunny Side Dairy

P 66 Willard, Utah Photographs
P 67 Beckstead Family Photographs
P 68 D. H. Adams Museum
P 69 Warren L. Wattis
P 70 Ogden Canyon Recreation 1910
P 71 Bingham Canyon Copper Mine
P 72 McGregor Family
P 73 Ogden J. C. Penney Co. Retirement
P 74 W. H. and Marie Wattis Photographs
P 75 David Moyes Photograph Collection
P 76 Union Pacific Railroad Photographs
P 77 South Fork Clear Cutting
P 78 Shipler's Ogden Canyon Photographs
P 79 Hermitage Hotel
P 80 John and Telitha Lindquist
P 81 Saltair-Garfield Landing
P 82 Virginia Parsons Collection
P 83 Groberg Family Photographs
P 84 Rasicot Family Photographs
P 86 David Eskenazi Photograph
P 87

Feather River Postcards

P 88 Hoover Dam Postcard Collection
P 89 Lagoon Resort Postcards
P 90 Loni Prout Photograph Collection
P 91 Richard Roberts Weber County History Photographs
P 92 Ogden Reds Team Photographs
P 93

Early Pineview Dam

P 94 Ogden Prostitutes
P 95 Maud Hull Family
P 96 Oregon Short Line Railroad
P 97 William Ward Family Photographs
P 98 Ben Lomond Hotel Photographs
P 99 Elizabeth Kelley Photographs
P 100 George Brown Photograph Collection
P 101 Holly Hurst Collection
P 102 John Lewis Photograph Collection
P 103 Richard Roberts Photograph Album Collection
P 104 Fannie Day Photograph Collection
P 106 James Olsen, Sr. Photographs
P 108 The Littlefield Family Photograph Collection
P 111 Houses in Ogden
P 112 Ogden Postcards
P 113 Sister Mary Madeleva
P 114 Ogden Homes
P 115 Eccles Community Art Center
P 116 Ogden Buildings
P 117 Ogden Union Station
P 118 Ogden Floods
P 119 Union Pacific Shops
P 120 Bernard DeVoto
P 121 Belle London
P 122 Ogden High Girls
P 123 We Sing Laundry
P 124 Student Orchestra
P 125 ROTC Cadets
P 126 Plain City Farming
P 127 Ogden Canyon Waterfall
P 128 Snowflake Hotel
P 129 Ogden City School Students
P 130 Weber River- C.R. Savage
P 131 Alice Sisty
P 132 Mary Rosa Moraga-Barrow
P 133 Army Air Base Band
P 134 Lime Kiln
P 135 Golden Spike Offical Album
P 136

John Brown's Gravesite

P 137 Red Cross Workers
P 138 2945 Lincoln House
P 139 Children taken by Alseen Studio
P 140 1919 Parade
P 141 OHS Class 1984
P 142 Ethel Wattis Kimball
P 143 Engravings
P 144 Dee Hospital Baby Day
P 145 Budge Family Photographs
P 147 E.O. Wattis Family Photographs
P 151 Ogden Photographs
P 152 Ogden Studio Photographers
P 153 L.D.S. Missionaries
P 154 Lucin Cut-off Photographs
P 155 C.R. Savage Photographs
P 156 Ogden Redcaps Photograph
P 157 UCC Website Photographs
P 158 Wallace & Schramm Ogden Photographs
P 159 Hoover Dam Construction Photographs
P 160 Garfield, Utah Photographs
P 161 Ogden High School Class of 1943- 50 year reunion
P 162 Labor Party Convention
P 163 Ogden Tabernacle Choir
P 164 Clearfield High School Wrestling Teams
P 165 Hill Field Collage
P 166 Emporium Store
P 167 Famous Ogdenites
P 168

West Ogden

P 169 Pioneer Days: 1934
P 170 Emma Nelson
P 171 Davis County
P 172 Bureau of Public Roads
P 173 McKay Dee Hospital Triptych
P 174 Lindquist Ogden Photographs
P 175 Emma Lucy Gates
P 176 Flitton Family Photographs
P 177 Dee Hospital Nurses Class of 1924
P 178 Richards adn Staynor Family Album
P 179 Jensen Store
P 180 Utah-Idaho Central Railroad
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