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Special Collections was established in 1971 as a part of the Department of the Howell Library and Special Collections. Books, manuscripts, photographs, and materials which are (1) unique in nature or content, (2) have special informational or monetary value, or (3) require special care and treatment are housed in the department's closed-stack area. Security devices, enrironmental controls, conservation practices, and restrictions on usage discourage theft and vandalism and protect the material from unnecessary wear and tear.


It is the intent and purpose of the Department of Special Collections to provide the following services: (1) Preservation of materials and information. (2) Scholarly research and recreational reading. (3) Coordination of collection development and usage with campus and community needs.

       Collection Policy

Use and Restrictions

The following departmental policies govern the use of all materials in Special Collections: (1) Books, manuscripts, photographs and other materials do not circulate. Research of collection materials must be undertaken in the department's reading room. (2) Backpacks, briefcases, etc. are to be left at the desk at the entrance to the department. (3) Use of pens is prohibited when working with original materials. (4) Permission to duplicate or photocopy materials must be obtained from the Special Collection's curator or an authorized assistant. The cost of photocopies are 10 cents per page.  Scans may also be made by the staff of Special Collections at the cost of $2 per scan.

Indexes and Catalogs

Most books are cataloged and available in the library catalog.  For manuscript and photographic collection, guides and registers are available in the department's reading room.

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