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MS 269 Altrusa Club Collection

MS 269

Altrusa Club Collection

This collection contains scrapbooks from the Ogden Chapter of the Altrusa Club.   Altrusa was founded in Nashville in 1917 as a place for business and professional women to meet and exchange ideas.   Since the organization required its members to be working professionals, Altrusa decided to make vocational education for women a national policy. Vocational Guidance expanded over the years to include not only scholarships and guidance for young women but older women as well.    Despite issues of international concern, Altrusa is, first and foremost, a community based grassroots organization that seeks to solve the problems in our back yards. Busy Altrusans raise money for local charities, volunteer at battered women's shelters, help runaway teens, build houses for Habitat for Humanity, and so much more. The club records start in 1961 for the Ogden Chapter.   In the scrapbooks include photographs, newspaper clippings, newsletters, and reports from the national conventions.   The collection was donated in 2005 by Janet Oberg.



              Item 1                   Scrapbook 1961-1962

              Item 2                   Scrapbook 1963-1967


              Item 1                   Scrapbook 1968-1970

              Item 2                   Scrapbook 1971-1972


              Item 1                   Scrapbook 1972-1973

              Item 2                   Scrapbook 1973-1974


              Item 1                   Scrapbook 1984-1986

BOX 5   

              Item 1                   Scrapbook 1990-1999


              Item 1                   Photograph Album 1973-1984

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