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MS 326 W.H. Wattis Correspondence

              This collection consists of letters and correspondence of W.H. Wattis.




Fd1        The Constructor-April, 1931    

Fd2        Contract between Six Companies and Carl K. Bryan for Hauling excavated materials in Nevada-June 30, 1931

Fd3        Copy of Articles of Incorporation of the Dee-Eccles Company

Fd4        Correspondence Between: The American Historical Society, Inc. and W. G. Foulger c/o UCC

Fd5        Correspondence Between W. H. Wattis and Benjamin S. Crow (8)

Fd6        Court Decision-May 18, 1931

Fd7        Letter to W. H. Wattis from Business Women’s Club, Twin Falls, Idaho.  April 11, 1924

Fd8        Letter to W. H. Wattis from NV Copper Belt RR Co.  August 29, 1925

Fd9        Letter to W. H. Wattis from Bent Brothers Inc.  June 12, 1928

Fd10      Letter of Introduction to W. H. Wattis from Reed Smoot-April 20, 1929

              Correspondence Letter to Reed Smoot from James W. Good Secretary of War-April 19, 1929

Fd11      Letter to W. H. Wattis from Reed Smoot; forwarded letter from E. A. Sherman, Acting Forester- July 9, 1930

Fd12      Letter to W. H. Wattis from George A. Lowe Co. September 18, 1930

Fd13      Letter to W. H. Wattis from Congress of the United States, House of Representatives- December 23, 1930

Fd14      Letter to W. H. Wattis from Reed Smoot, U.S. Senate Committee on Finance- December 24, 1930

Fd15      Letter to W. H. Wattis from The First National Bank- December 26, 1930

Fd16      Letter to W. H. Wattis from William H. King, U.S. Committee on Mines and mining- December 29, 1930

Fd17      Letter to W. H. Wattis from Lars Jorgensen Consulting Hydro-Electric Engineer- INCOMPLETE- March 5, 1931

Fd18      Letter from to Mr. Bill Stewart of New York Life Insurance Co. (Carbon Copy) March 26, 1931

Fd19      Letter to: Directors, Six Companies, Inc. From: H.J. Lawler, Six Companies, Inc.  April 21, 1931

Fd20      Letter to Mr. H. J. Lawler, Six Companies, Inc. From UCC- April 21, 1931

Fd21      Letter to W.H. Wattis from S.D. Bechtel Six Companies, Inc.  April 24, 1931

Fd22      Letter to W.H. Wattis from Mrs. S. A. Pollard-May 19, 1931

Fd23      Letter to Six companies, Inc. from Bureau of Reclamation-July 31, 1931

Fd24      Letter to W. H. Wattis from Joseph Bujard (?)- August 8, 1931

Fd25      Letter to W. H. Wattis from Fred W. Kelly-August 9, 1931

Fd26      Letter from B.L. Foulger to W. G. Foulger (copy)-September 16, 1931

Fd27      Letter to W. H. Wattis from Benjamin S. Crow with attached copy of letter from Benjamin Crow to A. H. Christensen, UCC (2)

Fd28      Letter to W.H. Wattis from P. C. Kreitz

Fd29      Letters to W. H. Wattis from Benjamin S. Crow (2)

Fd30      Letters to W.H. Wattis from H. W. Morrison, Morrison-Knudsen Co. (2)

Fd31      Miscellaneous (5)

Fd32      Report of Purchasing Committee of Six Companies, Inc.

Fd33      Series of letters to UCC in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico; UCC Ogden, Consolidated National Bank Tucson, AZ; and UCC San Francisco CA (5)

Fd34      Six Companies Correspondence, Crampton’s Correspondence, Anderson’s Correspondence (35)

Fd35      Telegram to Elwood Mead, Department of Interior from W.H. Wattis-May 1, 1931

Fd36      Telegrams between W. H. Wattis and Carl Gray (2)

Fd37      Telegrams to W. H. Wattis from Louis C. Cramton (3)

Fd38      UCC U-3 Ranch, Oakdale, CA-Architectural Drawing/Map-April, 1943      

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