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MS 186 Biographical Information of James Edward Lindsay, Jr.

James E. Lindsay, Jr. was born in Ogden, Utah on 11 March 1921.   He was the youngest of three children and the only son of James E. Lindsay, Sir. and Iretta Elizabeth (Fife).   James had two older sisters, Ruth, who was 8 years older than him and Verna, who was 23 months older.   His family briefly lived in New Orleans, Louisiana where he started his schooling.   By the third grade he was back in Ogden and graduated from Ogden High in 1939.   He then attended Weber College (on 25 th & Adams) for one year.   James transferred to University of Utah for a degree in Zoology.   While at the University of Utah he was pledged to the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, his number was "579."

In the summer of 1941, James Jr. went to Los Angeles to work.   He ended up staying there for the Fall.   On 28 January 1942, he was called on the Houston-Louisiana mission.   He received his endowments on 2 February and left for the field on 4 February, arriving in Houston, Texas on the seventh.   James spent six months in Houston.   The rest of his mission was spent in various places in Louisiana.   While on his mission, his sister, Ruth, received a divorce from her husband, Colin Edwards, and returned home, with her three sons, to live with her parents.   Verna was married to Sheldon Winkler on 11 October 1942.

James returned from his mission in the Spring of 1944.   A few weeks after his arrival, on 13 April 1944, he received a call from the Navy Department stating that Verna and her husband, Sheldon (who was in the Navy), had been run over and killed by a drunken soldier in Wickford, Rhode Island, where they had just moved.   Because of his sister's death the government granted him a few months before he would be required to sign up in the army.   During that summer he met, dated and became engaged to Elsa Romane McKell.

Upon finishing his basic training he was granted a 30 day furlough, during which, he married Elsa on 31 October 1944.   After his wedding he was reassigned to Camp Swift, Texas, where he remained until he was discharged on 20 December 1944.   Having served in the army, James returned to the University of Utah.   Shortly after he transferred to Utah State, where they offered classes that would qualify him for dentist school.   After receiving his Bachelors degree, he went to University of Southern California in Los Angeles to receive his degree in dentistry.   Elsa had remained in Utah because of her pregnancy.   Their first child was born on 27 October 1946.   He was named Steven but since James Jr.'s mother demanded it be spelled Stephen, they renamed him, James Edward Lindsay III, within 24 hours of his birth.   Elsa and James III joined James Jr. in Los Angeles two months after James' was born.

Julia Lindsay was born on 15 February 1950, during James' senior year of dentist school.   After graduation he decided to set up practice in Los Angeles.   He worked for another dentist for a couple of years and then worked for himself.   He kept his practice for 25 years, moving a number of times but only within the Los Angeles area.   Patrice Lindsay was born on 26 August 1952, Annette Lindsay was born on 15 August 1954, Lisa Lindsay was born on 18 August 1957, and Verna Lindsay was born in 1960.   After Verna was born James Jr.'s mother died.   Iretta passed away on 13 December 1960 in New Orleans, while visiting her brother, Walter.   James Sir. had previously had a stroke and needed care after Iretta's death.   He lived with James Jr. and Elsa for awhile and then went back to Utah to live with Ruth.   Ruth put him in a nursing home, where he later died on 6 December 1964.

James III married Marlene, Julia married Wayne Belleau, Patrice married Tim Barrett, Annette married Spencer Call, Lisa married Bruce Newbold, and Verna married Dan Turner.   All the children, except James III, eventually moved back to Utah, as did James Jr. and Elsa, after they had retired.   In his last years James Jr. had a number of medical problems.   He spent most of his time recording his family's genealogy as well as Elsa's.   He also transcribed Elsa's mother, Romania's, missionary diary and the letters she sent home to her family while on her mission in New England in the early 20 th century.   James Edward Lindsay, Jr. died on 10 September 2000, at age 79.   Elsa survived him.

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