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MS 1 The Mountain Bell Telephone and Telegraph Manuscript   Collection

The contents of this collection were selected in 1977 from the Salt Lake City archives of Mountain bell Telephone and Telegraph.   Martie Collett selected which represented or reflected Ogden and Salt Lake City telephone history as well as materials reflecting Utah telephone history in general


Fd 1                      Telephone Centennial Commemorative stamp

Fd 2                      Utah Telephone History: Six public relations booklets describing telephone history.   Includes some reproductions of old photographs within the booklets

Fd 3                      Ogden Telephone History: copy of the 1882 listings in Ogden, monograph on Ogden telephone history

Fd 4                      Misc. materials on telephone history in Utah.   These were included in Mountain Bell's Bi-Centennial folder.   Some items on the celebration of the 6,000,000 th   telephone installation in 1976

Fd 5                      Copy of the 1890, 1900, and 1910 population statistics in Utah

Fd 6                      List of unusual place names in Utah and a description of the origin and/or meaning of each.   This list was compiled by R. A. Hart of the SLC Chamber of Commerce

Fd 7                      1932 Telephone Almanac printed for Bell System Subscribers by American Telephone and Telegraph Company

Fd 8                      1948 correspondence establishing Emma Nutt as the first woman telephone operator

Fd 9                      Two monographs describing telephone company contributions to television

Fd 10                    Five items, each describing some phase or part of telephone history in general in Utah as well as the rest of the country

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