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MS 104 Architectural Drawings Tabernacle Square and   Landscape

This collection contains drawings of Tabernacle Square and Landscape by Leslie Hodgson and W. T. Stillwell.   The drawings were donated in 1979 by Carolyn Nebeker and Thomas J. Moore.   The drawings are located in the Mapcase.


1-  West Portion, South Elevation

2-  Proposed Vestibule

3-  Detail of Angle Brace for Gates in Fence around Tabernacle Square

4-  New Exits and Rooms for Choir

5-  Proposed Vestibule

6-  Proposed Vestibule

7-  New Exits and Rooms for Choir

8-  New Exits and Rooms for Choir

9-  Plat of Tabernacle Square

10-  Planting Plans for Tabernacle Block

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