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MS 109 The Ogden Military Academy Collection

This collection was given to Weber State College Library by the Archives and Manuscript Department of Brigham Young University.   The collection consists of 3 leather bound ledger (Financial Record) books and one hardback grade record book.   These books date from September 1, 1890 to 1893.   The ledger books are records of financial transactions between the school and the students as well as between the school and other parties or firms.   The grade book lists the academic subjects taught and the progress of each student.



BOX 1                  Ledger Book: September 1, 890- August 20, 1891

BOX 2                  Ledger Book: 1891-1893

BOX 3                 Ledger Book of Supply Room Transactions (1892-1893)

                            Grade Record Book (1891-1892)
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