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MS 11 The Wilson S. Carr Manuscript Collection

This collection contains a military discharge paper for Wilson S. Carr in 1864 and a petition of the federal government for a pension in behalf of Wilson S. Car to Mrs. Estella E. Carr.   Also included in the collection is an agreement of the donation of the Wilson S. Carr documents to Weber State College.


Fd 1                    United States military discharge for Wilson S. Carr from the Illinois Calvary: November 1864.

Fd 2                    Petition from the United States Department of the Interior- Bureau of Pensions on behalf of Wilson S. Carr for the pension of Mrs. Estella E. Carr: May 1911

Fd 3                    Xerox copy of the Agreement from donor Rodney J. Huff for the Stewart Library of Weber State College to house and preserve the Wilson S. Carr documents: April 1978

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