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MS 123 The Ogden, Utah Baseball Collection, ca. 1939-1959

Correspondence, memorabilia, newspaper articles, photographs, and rosters pertaining to Ogden, Utah's professional baseball team, The Ogden Reds.   Donated by Reed Swenson.


Fd 1                    Correspondence, Post card dated November 29, 1943 from Hal Erickson to Joe McCune

Fd 2                    Correspondence, Letter dated September 22, 1959 from Gabriel Paul to Joe McCune

Fd 3                    Newspaper Articles, The Ogden Standard Examiner : March 7, 1948

Fd 4                    Newspaper Articles, The Ogden Standard Examiner : January 9, 1952

Fd 5                    Photograph, Ogden Reds Baseball Team, Autographed. B & W, 8x10.   Reproduction and negative.


Fd 6                      Photographs, Ensign Ritchie

          Richard G. Williams

           Fd 7                      Photograph, Reed K. Swenson


 Fd 8                      Photographs, Joe McCune

Joe McCune, Johnny Sarlo, Heber Scowcroft

Fd 9                    Rosters, Photocopied list of professional     baseball teams for portions of the United States and Canada.   List of Pioneer League and Ogden Reds members and managers, 1939-1940.   Small list of Ogden Reds players and managers, nd

BOX 2                 Memorabilia

Fd 1                    League passes (10 items): Reservations, schedules, and tickets for the Ogden Baseball Club and Pioneer Baseball League.

           Fd 2                      Two autographed baseballs

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