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MS 13 The Kenneth Davidson Manuscript Collection

This collection includes original, Xerox, and revised copy of the manuscript on The Story of Two-Bit Street by Kenneth Davidson.   There are also copies of photographs and newspaper articles on early Ogden.


Fd 1                    Copy of early Ogden telephone Directory.   Program of Kiwanis Club and of seventy-fifth anniversary of the telephone in Ogden

Fd 2                    Original manuscript of The Story of Two-Bit Street (25 th Street), Ogden, written by Davidson in 1966.

Fd 3                      Copy 2 of The Story of Two-Bit Street , Ogden, by Davidson

Fd 4                      Revised copy of The Story of Two-Bit Street , Ogden, by Davidson, 1978

Fd 5                      Copy of drawings and photographs of the Mount Fort School and homes, 1825-1902; copy of the history of Mount Fort School

Fd 6                      Copies of photographs of: Washington Blvd, Ogden, circa 1880; parade of Grand Old Army on 24 th St. looking east in Ogden; Broom Hotel and horseless street car in Ogden, 25 th St. and Washington Blvd.; old Broom Hotel; Standard Examiner of 25 th St., Ogden, looking east from Grant Ave.; old rig (carriage) of early 1900s, old tin shop, Jackson and Pace Sheet Metal Works on Kiesel Ave., between 24 th and 25 th Streets, Ogden

Fd 7                      Copy of photograph of Harman W. Peery, Ogden Mayor at Ogden's first Pioneer Days Parade, 1934

Fd 8                      Copies of photographs of early means of transportation as seen in a Marler Tire Co. advertisement and early means of transportation as seen in an Armstrong Tire advertisement

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