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MS 138 McGriff Orchard and Canning Co

The collection contains papers concerning the business of McGriff Orchard and Canning Co. of North Ogden, Utah, 1910-1911.   This collection consists mostly of meeting notices, meeting minutes, and legal papers.   During the two-year period of 1910-1911, numerous special meetings of the company's board of directors were held in Salt Lake City to determine its financial state and running operations.


Fd 1                    Contract made March 23, 1910 by various Northern Utah canning companies to appoint Lucian A. Ray of Salt Lake City as the broker for the exclusive sale of canned tomatoes

Fd 2                    Correspondence, March-December, 1910. Notices for meetings of the Board of Directors for the McGriff Orchard & Canning Co.

Fd 3                    1910 financial statement for the McGriff Orchard & Canning Co. concerning cash receipts, disbursements, assets and total liabilities

Fd 4                    Legal papers for the McGriff Orchard & Canning Co., including Articles of Incorporation, court resolution, May 19, 1910 and a Deed of Trust, Mary 2, 1910

Fd 5                      Minutes of meetings: January 31, 1910- December 30, 1910

Fd 6                    Waiver of Notice by undersigned stockholders for calling a special meeting, May 19, 1910

Fd 7                    Western Union telegraphs, October 31, 1911 to Fremont, Nebraska.   Notices for holding special meetings of the Board of Directors

Fd 8                    Notice of lien of employees in the matter of receivership of the McGriff Orchard & Canning Co. December 5, 1911

Fd 9                      Minutes of meetings: August and November 1911

Fd 10                  Miscellaneous papers concerning the McGriff Orchard & Canning Co. including product lists, copy of a first mortgage five year seven per cent gold bond, and an undated waiver of notice by undersigned stockholders to attend a special meeting

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