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MS 14 John A. Shaw Manuscript Collection

This collection contains a number of papers and addresses given by Reed W. Bailey on watershed management and a paper by Reed W. Bailey and Otis L. Copeland on watershed management in Utah.   Bailey served many years as Director of the Intermountain Forest Experiment Station, Ogden, Utah.   Also included is a trails report on Weber County trails prepared by the Weber County Trails Committee under the direction of John "Jack" A. Shaw.


Fd 1                      American forestry Association article on mountain flood control in Utah written by Reed W. Bailey: March 1935


Fd 2                      Copy of the Journal of Geology article on erosion in the Colorado Plateau written by Bailey: June 1935

Fd 3                      Copy of an article on mountain floods and vegetation written by Bailey: August 1939

Fd 4                 American Geophysical Union reproduction of article on land erosion in the West by Bailey: 1941

Fd 5                      Address given by Bailey on irrigation agriculture and watershed management: 1944

Fd 6                      Journal of Forestry reprint written by Bailey on watershed management: October 1945

Fd 7                      Journal of Forestry reprint written by Bailey on wildland management: November 1946

Fd 8                      Article on Utah's watersheads written by Bailey from the Proceedings of Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters: 1947-1948

Fd 9                      Reprinted article from Journal of Soil and Water Conservation on runoff and siltation through forest and range management written by Bailey: January 1948

Fd 10                    Reproduction from the Proceedings of the Federal Inter-Agency Sedimentation Conference on watershed management written by Bailey and George W. Craddock: January 1948

Fd 11                    Reprint of paper given by Bailey at the Inter-American Conference on Conservation of Renewable Natural Resources in Denver on Geologic understanding and watershed management: September 1948

Fd 12                    Copy of paper given by Bailey to the Land Grant Colleges and Universities Association on water conservation through watershed management: October 1949

Fd 13                    Reprinted articles from the Journal of Forestry on watershed management written by Bailey: September 1950

Fd 14                    Copy of lecture given by Bailey to the 50 th anniversary creation of the U.S. Forest Service on the future of forestry, Ogden, Utah: February 1955

Fd 15                    Reprinted paper by Bailey given at the Forestry Centennial Conference at Oregon State College on watershed management

Fd 16                    Extract of publication on low flow discharges and plant cover relations on two watersheds in Utah by Bailey and Otis L. Copeland: July 1960

Fd 17                    Trails report compiled by the Weber County Trails Committee on scenic, historic, and recreational trails in Weber County, Utah: 1975


Fd 18                    Yearbook separate from The Yearbook of Agriculture on climate and settlement of the arid region written by Bailey: 1941

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