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MS #143 (OVERSIZE) Utah Defense Collection


Newspaper articles, newspaper supplements and photographs of the
Ogden Defense Depot, Ogden, Utah and Hill Air Force Base,
Clearfield, Utah, 1941-1979. Newspaper articles are from The
Deseret News and photographs depict early American fighter jet
and Hill Air Force Base runway. Oversize manuscript drawer.

ITEM #1 Page taken from The Deseret News, December 13, 1941.
Main article, “Huge Defense Projects Make Weber County
Hive of Activity.”

ITEM #2 The Deseret News supplement, December 13, 1941. “The
Christmas News.”

ITEM #3 The Deseret News supplement, January 3, 1979. “388th
Tactical Fighter Wing Welcomes the F-16 to Hill Air Force
Base & Utah.”

ITEM #4 Photograph, black and white, 9" x 18". Hill Air Force Base
runway showing trucks and snow-covered Wasatch Mountains,
c.a. 1941.

ITEM #5 Photograph, sepia tone, 15" x 21". P-80 “Shooting
Star” jet, Hill Field, Utah, 1950.

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