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MS 150 (OVERSIZE) Peterson vs Ballantyne


Affidavit dated February 11, 1892 and correspondence (court room
exhibits) for Weber County, Utah property dispute between John P.
Peterson and the Ballantyne Bros., 1891. J.S. Painter, of the law
firm Painter & Murphy, represented Peterson. The correspondence
is dated September 15, 1891 and October 24, 1900. In Oversize
manuscript drawer.

Folder # 1 Three items:

1. Letter from Joseph Slater, September 15, 1891.
Discusses a hauling job done in the spring of
1889 to a lot between 29th and 30th Streets,
Ogden, Utah.

2. Letter from James Taylor, Salt Lake City,
October 24, 1900. Describes issue of papers
handed to Taylor from the files of the High
Council of the Weber Stake about the alleged
dishonesty of Richard Ballantyne.

3. Affidavit dated February 11, 1892.

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