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MS 152 Barker Family Records


Correspondence, genealogy, funeral records, and poetry from the
the family if Frederick E. Barker and his wife, Cecelia Sharp Barker,
Utah. Records span in time from 1826-1967.

Folder# 1:

1. Letter to William Stoneman of Iosepa, Skull
Valley, Tooele, Utah from Harvey O. Alapu
regarding money he owed to Stoneman. Dated
December 20, 1903.

2. Copy of letter from “Ralph” written to his
sister. He descibes his military travels in China.
Dated November 17, 1947.

3. Letter to “Clarence and Maurine” from Lucile,
daughter of Cecelia Sharp Barker. It expresses
her appreciation of their account of her
mother’s life in a biography. Dated January
20, 1967.

Folder # 2:

1. Notebook of poetry by Cecelia Barker, n.d.

2. Poem, “A Missionary’s Message” by Cecelia
Barker, n.d.

Folder #3:

1. Genealogy record for Cecelia Sharp Barker,
dated September 12, 1928.

2. Genealogy record for Cecelia Sharp Barker, n.d.

3. Handwritten history of Jeanette Sharp Lenroot.

4. Typed biography of Jeanette Sharp Lenroot.

5. Handwritten piece of letter addressed to
“Wayne” explaining notes made by one of
Frederick Barker’s brothers, written by his son,

6. Piece of a typewritten autobiography of a
Barker family member, n.d.

Folder #4:

1. “The Development of the American Flag
arranged by Lucile Barker. Based on ‘Famous
Flags of America’ by N.R. Hughes” Two
copies (second copy, page three incomplete.)

Folder # 5:

1. “The History of the 15th Ward Relief Society”
typewritten. No author, n.d. Two copies.

Folder #6:

1. “The Passing of A Pioneer of ‘49. Simon
Barker in His 91st Year.” Funeral program
and biographical sketch of Simon Barker,

Folder #7:

1. “Funeral Services of Frederick Ellis Barker,
November 14, 1922 Salt Lake City, Utah.”
Photocopy. Includes copy of an obituary in
The Salt Lake Tribune.

Folder #8

1. “Funeral Services for Frederick G. Barker”,
January 4, 1946.

Folder #9

1. “Funeral Services for George S. Barker”,
September 3, 1895.

Folder #10

1. “Funeral Services of Joseph Clyde Sharp”,
September 25, 1914.

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