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MS 153 The Lena Maggio Collection

Cosmopolitan Club. The Object of the Club is to promote an interest in the community; to promote high individual and community ideas and ideals; to donate time and effort to any worthy cause. Also, to extend a warm helping hand to others, having fun through sharing of common interests since 1950.


FD 1 Cosmopolitan Club directories, 1971-1976

FD 2 Cosmopolitan Club directories, 1976-1980

FD 3 Cosmopolitan Club directories, 1980-1984

FD 4 Cosmopolitan Club directories, 1984-1988

FD 5 Cosmopolitan Club directories, 1988-1992

FD 6 Cosmopolitan Club directories, 1992-1996

FD 7 St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, 1995-1996 handbook and membership list of the Promoters of the League of the Scared Heart

FD 8 St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, information on churches and schools

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