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MS 157 James Chamberlain Architectural Drawings Collection

This collection contains drawings created by James Chamberlain for buildings around Ogden.   Most of the buildings were additions or alternations to existing structures.   The firm did work for the Ogden City Board of Education remodeling schools throughout Ogden.   The drawings are located in Map Case #3, Drawers 8 & 9 .


          Drawing 1               Weber County Fire Station and Shop

Drawing 2               Extensions to Hopkin's School for the Ogden City Board of Education
Drawing 3               Alterations and Additions to the Club House of Ogden Lodge 719 B.P.O.E.
Drawing 4               LDS Chapel for the Deaf
Drawing 5               Alterations and Additions to Madison School, Ogden
Drawing 6               Alterations to the Hotel Bigelow, Ogden
Drawing 7               Renovations to Ogden High School
Drawing 8               Additions to Lorin Farr School
Drawing 9               North Side Junior High School Additions
Drawing 10               Additions to the Lincoln School
Drawing 11               City and County Building for Ogden City and Weber County
Drawing 12               Additions to Grant School Building
Drawing 13               New Store Fronts, Last & Thomas Stores for the D. H. Peery Estate
Drawing 14               Hotel Building for the Reed Hotel Company
Drawing 15               Plans for the David Eccles Building
Drawing 16               Armory Building at Ogden for the State of Utah
Drawing 17               Mount Fort Middle School Additions and Alterations
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