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The National Committee for Peace was established in 1910. They were celebrating the century of peace between the United States and the United Kingdom. Utah created it’s own committee and was chaired by Governor William Spry. This collection contains materials leading up to the celebration in 1914. Included is a minute book and correspondence.


Fd 1 Letter to J. M. Sjodahl from Alfred Brown on Peace Readings: April 23, 1914

Fd 2 Letter to Governor William Spry from Jas. Barr of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition inviting the committee to hold a conference at the Exposition: April 27, 1914

Fd 3 Form letters from William Spry appointed members to the Utah State Peace Society

Fd 4 Letter to William Spry from G. M. Barnes and T. McClure Peters accepting appointments to the Utah State Peace Society: May 7, 1914

Fd 5 General Prospectus of the Plans and Purpose of the National Peace Committee: 1914

Fd 6 Minute Book from the Utah State Peace Society: 1908-1914

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