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MS 188 Lynn Parker Skiing Scrapbook

This collection includes photocopies of the items in the scrapbook detailing the first professional skiers in Ogden. The collection was donated by Dr. Lee Sather of the History Department.


Fd 1 Photocopy of scrapbook pages
Fd 2 Newspapers: “Remember Capers of these Skiers?...They Developed Sport in Utah.”
Fd 3 Newspapers: “Ogdenites Compete in Tahoe Tourney”
Fd 4 Newspapers: “Utah’s Salesmen of Skiing”: January 14, 1951
Fd 5 Newspapers: “Ulland takes Pro’ Ski Crown”
Fd 6 Photograph: Becker Hill
Fd 7 Photographs: Lake Tahoe
Fd 8 Photographs: Lake Tahoe, Test Hill in Ogden
Fd 9 Photographs: At Lake Tahoe

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