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MS 210 Eccles Subdivision Preservation Collection

MS 210

Eccles Subdivision Preservation Collection


This collection contains information on some houses located in the Eccles Historical District.   It also contains information on the creation of the Landmark Commission, rezoning, and creating the Eccles District.   Information on Eber F. Piers, architect for many of the historic buildings, is included along with a photograph of Piers.



              Fd 1                      Abstract of Title for Browning House

              Fd 2                      Abstract of Title for John Butler House

              Fd 3                      J. M. Canse House (2529 Eccles)

              Fd 4                      Ezekiel Dumke House (2535 Van Buren)

              Fd 5                      LeRoy Eccles House (2545 Eccles)

              Fd 6                      Royal Eccles House (2508 Jackson )

              Fd 7                      William and Bertha Eccles Wright House (2533 Eccles)

              Fd 8                      Ruth Wattis Gwilliam House (2541 Van Buren)

              Fd 9                      Ferdinand LaFrentz House (1470 Cahoon )

              Fd 10                    Dorothea Patterson House (2560 Jackson )

              Fd 11                    William Raymond House (1417 Washington )

              Fd 12                    Hugh and Vern Rowe House (2555 Eccles)

              Fd 13                    William Shaw House (406 Canyon Road)

              Fd 14                    E. O. Wattis House (2540 Eccles)

              Fd 15                    Eber F. Piers, Architect

              Fd 16                    Eccles Historic District Petition

              Fd 17                    Historic Markers

              Fd 18                    Landmark Ordinance

              Fd 19                    Lynne District

              Fd 20                    Outline for Recommendation of an Ogden Landmarks Commission

              Fd 21                    Rezoning Correspondence

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