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MS 212 Ralph S. Thompson Collection

MS 212

Ralph S. Thompson Collection


This collection came from Ralph S. Thompson.   It includes brief histories on the Cattle Industry in Ogden , Native plants to Weber County , and his time at the Naval Supply Depot- Clearfield.



              Fd 1                      American Packing and Provision Company

              Fd 2                      Freighting to Montana in 1879 by O.F. Beecher

              Fd 3                      Ogden Junction Articles

              Fd 4                      Ogden Union Stockyards

              Fd 5                      Old Ephraim by Krank Clark

              Fd 6                      Ranching

              Fd 7                      A Seeance by Dad Streeter

              Fd 8                      Williamsen Auto Body Company

              Fd 9                      Electroculture by Swami Sevavanda

              Fd 10                    Native Plants and Trees in Weber County

              Fd 11                    Native Trees in Utah by William Z. Terry

              Fd 12                    Notes on Trees of Ogden and Vicinity by F. S. Baker

              Fd 13                    Story of Native Timbers and Shrubs by David S. Tracy

              Fd 14                    The Trees of Utah by F. S. Baker

              Fd 15                    Winter Key to a few of the Easily Distinguished Trees of Ogden

              Fd 16                    Drama Club of Ogden Program: May 27, 1942

              Fd 17                    Employment Record of Ralph S. Thompson

              Fd 18                    Hermitage Hotel Envelope

              Fd 19                    Individual Liquor Permit: 1959

              Fd 20                    Logan Elks Membership Card

              Fd 21                    Poem to Ralph

              Fd 22                    Naval Supply Depot Clearfield - 10 Year Award

              Fd 23                    Naval Supply Depot Clearfield - 1000 Hour Club

              Fd 24                    Naval Supply Depot Clearfield- Service Award for World War II

              Fd 25                    Naval Supply Depot Clearfield - Photographs

              Fd 26                    Photographs of Snowbasin and Building in Salt Lake City

              Fd 27                    Negatives of Eagle Gate in SLC and Wells in Ogden Canyon

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