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MS 219 The Orton Family Home Collection

This collection contains research into the Orton family home located at 685 East 2100 North, North Ogden, Utah.   The research was conducted by Dennis Shupe in 1988.   The information ranges from legal descriptions to photographs of the home.


              Fd 1                      Scope of Research

              Fd 2                      Legal Description

              Fd 3                      Family Group Sheets

              Fd 4                      Biographical Data Sheets

              Fd 5                      USGS Map (Photocopy)

              Fd 6                      Field Notes

              Fd 7                      Site Sketch

              Fd 8                      Ground Floor Drawing

              Fd 9                      Polk Directories Information

              Fd 10                    Biographical Sketch of John Orton

              Fd 11                    Structure/Site Form

              Fd 12                    Slides

              Fd 13                    Photographs of the home and Orton family (list in Fd 12)

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