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MS 221 Wheelwright Commemorative Coin Collection

This collection contains sets of coins produced by the Franklin Mint.   The collections are housed in the original folder containers that were given to the members of the Franklin Mint.   Three of the sets also contain written materials that describe each of the coins.   The collection was donated by Hyrum Wheelwright.


              Fd 1                      Presidential Profiles Book

              Fd 2                      Presidential Commemorative Medals

              Fd 3                      Additions of Ford and Carter

              Fd 4                      The States of the Union Book

              Fd 5                      States of the Union Coins

              Fd 6                      The Franklin Key

              Fd 7                      Personal Seal Kit


              Fd 1                      The Genius of Michelangelo Brochures

              Fd 2                      The Genius of Michelangelo Coins


               Fd 1                      The Official Signers of the Constitution Medals

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