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MS 230 Frank Robinson Baseball Collection

This collection contains photographs and baseball cards of Hall of Famer Frank Robinson.   In 1956, Robinson played for the Ogden Reds championship team.   He went on to play for Cincinnati, Baltimore, Cleveland, and California.   He is currently the manager of the Montreal Expos.


              Fd 1                      Photograph- Ogden Reds

              Fd 2                      Photograph- Cincinnati Reds

              Fd 3                      Photograph- Cincinnati Reds

              Fd 4                      Photograph- Cincinnati Reds

              Fd 5                      Photograph- Baltimore Orioles

              Fd 6                      Photograph- Baltimore Orioles

              Fd 7                      Photograph- Baltimore Orioles (signed)

              Fd 8                      Photograph- Baltimore Orioles

              Fd 9                      Photograph- California Angels

              Fd 10                    Photograph- Montreal Expos

              Fd 11                    Photograph- Hall of Fame

              Fd 12                    Drawing by Ron Lewis

              Fd 13                    Baseball Cards- Cincinnati Redlegs

              Fd 14                    Baseball Cards- Cincinnati Reds

              Fd 15                    Baseball Card- Baltimore Orioles

              Fd 16                    Baseball Card- Cleveland Indians

              Fd 17                    Postcard- Hall of Fame Plaque

              Fd 18                    Autographed Baseball with Certificate of Authenticity

              Fd 19                    Frank Robinson Cup from 7-11

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