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MS 238 Arthur Dale Collection

This collection contains items mostly pertaining to the building of the 30 th and 35 th Wards Chapel in Ogden, Utah.   Arthur Dale was the Bishop of the 30 th Ward.   He was also employed with the United State Postal Service at the Ben Lomond Station.   This collection was purchased from Schwab Books in 2004.


              Fd 1                      30 th & 35 th Wards Chapel Ground Breaking Ceremony

              Fd 2                      Chapel Construction

              Fd 3                      Chapel Dedication

              Fd 4                      Ogden Temple Dedication

              Fd 5                      Church Programs: 1974

              Fd 6                      Card listing Dale as Bishop, 30 th Ward

              Fd 7                      Correspondence with the Presiding Bishopric of the Church of Jesus Christ of                                            Latter-day Saints: 1955

              Fd 8                      Photographs: Ogden Stake Mission 1941 and unidentified

              Fd 9                      U. S. Post Office Building Dedication

              Fd 10                    Photographs of U. S. Post Office Employees

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