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MS 244 T. W. Littlefield Political Scrapbook: 1950

This collection contains newspaper articles and political pamphlets collected by T. W. Littlefield during the election campaign of 1950 in Utah.   The articles are divided up by political candidate and then listed alphabetically.   The pamphlets are organized by issuing party and title.  


              Fd 1                      Barkley, Alben W.

              Fd 2                      Bennett, Wallace

              Fd 3                      Chase, Helen Taggart

              Fd 4                      Election Results

              Fd 5                      Granger, Walter and Preston Jones

              Fd 6                      Lee, J. Bracken

              Fd 7                      Lewis, John

              Fd 8                      Politics- Miscellaneous

              Fd 9                      Priest, Ivy

              Fd 10                    Thomas, Elbert D.

              Fd 11                    Truman, President Harry S.

              Fd 12                    Watkins, Arthur

              Fd 13                    Capital Comment

              Fd 14                    Congressional Record

              Fd 15                    Democratic Committee- Special Bulletins #1-11

              Fd 16                    Salt Lake Democratic Committee Flyers

              Fd 17                    Thomas, Elbert D. Flyers

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