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MS 247 Ronald Younger Collection

Forest Service Ranger Station

Forest Service Ranger Station

MS 247

Ronald Younger Collection

Scope and Content


              The Ronald Younger Collection was donated in October 2003 by Ronald J. Younger, an environmentist, activist, and former Bureau of Land Management employee. Additional items were donated in November 2005.

              This collection contains Mr. Younger's files during his employment with the BLM; environmental reports from the National Forest Service and the BLM; and reports from various environmental agencies in the state of Utah . There are also brochures, reports, minutes, and correspondence from numerous local and national conservation groups, of which Mr. Younger was a part. Finally, there is a large collection of newspaper and magazine articles concerning environmental issues on both national and local scales.

              Throughout the collection, items that are specific to the state of Utah are separated from those that are specific to other states and regions.


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MS 247 Ronald Younger Collection Register

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