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MS 25 The Janet Roberts Balmforth Collection

A Xerox copy of David Robert Roberts (The Father of Utah Good Roads) , a biographical account by Janet Roberts Balmforth of her father, written for the 1976 Bicentennial competition.   Also Xerox copies of newspaper clippings concerning his election to the Utah State Legislature, his appointment as a Judge.   Newspaper clippings of his obituary.


              Fd 1                      Correspondence from Janet Balmforth to Martie Collett and Weber State Library

              Fd 2                      David Robert Roberts (The Father of Utah Good Roads) - Xerox copy.   Biography by Janet Balmforth

              Fd 3                      Copies of photographs of the 1903 Fifth State Legislature (Utah) and David Robert Roberts

              Fd 4                      Copies of election ticket, Logan, Utah: October 20, 1903; election returns of Cache County, Utah from the November 10, 1904 issue of the Tri-Weekly Journal , Logan, Utah; Certificate of Election, November 15, 1902

              Fd 5                      Copies of Salt Lake Tribune , Jan. 16, 1905 cartoon, and Salt Lake Herald , November 19, 1908 cartoon

              Fd 6                      Copy of Salt Lake Tribune , December 23, 1909 on battleship, Utah

              Fd 7                      Copies of House Journal , 1905, p. 151, a resolution for appropriating money for road-building; copy of a Logan newspaper,   Feb. 11, 1905 article on the introduction of the road bill, copy of The Evening Telegram , Jan. 15, 1909 on introduction of the road bill; copy of Salt Lake Herald , Jan 16, 1909 on the endorsement of Roberts' road bill

              Fd 8                      Copy of letter to Roberts, July 24, 1912 on his admission to the bar of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia; copy of Roberts' appointment as City Judge and photographs of raising a flag on Ben Lomond Peak, July 1913

              Fd 9                      Copy of biographical sketch of Roberts from Utah Since Statehood , p. 703-704; copy of newspaper clippings and picture of Roberts' obituary

              Fd 10                    Copy of letter from Janet Balmforth to Martie Collett: December 5, 1979

              Fd 11                    Letter from Janet Balmforth to Martie Collett, Feb. 1980 regarding manuscript "Julia Cole Crittenden"; Typed manuscript Julia Cole Crittenden, 1880-1930," written by her granddaughter, Janet R. Balmforth

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