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MS 252- Weber County Watershed Protective Corporation

MS 252

Weber County Watershed Protective Corporation Collection



This collection contains materials collected by Dr. Richard Roberts as he researched the history of the Weber County Watershed Protective Corporation (WCWPC).   Included are two copies of the history and numerous photographs.   The collection was donated by Dr. Roberts in 2004.





              Fd 1                      Correspondence regarding the Weber River

              Fd 2                      Maps- Watershed

              Fd 3                      Newspapers- Watershed

              Fd 4                      Obituary- Stanley Brewer

              Fd 5                      Obituary- Elmer Carver

              Fd 6                      Obituary- Archie Christiansen

              Fd 7                      Obituary- John Whiteley

              Fd 8                      Obituary- Francis Woods

              Fd 9                      Oral Interview with Haynes Fuller

              Fd 10                    Oral Interview with Kenneth Maughan

              Fd 11                    Oral Interview with Kenneth Warner

              Fd 12                    Oral Interview with Harold Welch

              Fd 13                    Organization of WCWPC

              Fd 14                    Properties acquired by WCWPC

              Fd 15                    Research Notes

              Fd 16                    Weber County Extension Reports

              Fd 17                    Weber River Water Users Association

              Fd 18                    History of the Weber County Watershed Protective Corporation

              Fd 19                    History (Copy 2)

              Fd 20                    History- Photographs

              Fd 21                    Photographs

              Fd 22                    Photographs

              Fd 23                    Photographs

              Fd 24                    Photographs

              Fd 25                    Photographs

              Fd 26                    Photographs


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