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MS 261 Diary of Henry W. Nelson: 1904-1905

MS 261

Diary of Henry W. Nelson: 1904-1905

This collection contains the diary of Henry Nelson from 1904-1905.   During this time, Nelson was serving a LDS mission in Germany.   He covers his time in Germany , England , and the steamship trip back to the United States. He included ticket stubs, play bills, and newspaper articles that he collected during this time.   See MS 163 for the Fred Kotter Missionary Letters who also was serving in Germany during the same time.



Fd 1                      Individual Record of Henry Nelson from

Fd 2                    Death Notice of Dr. Henry Nelson, Standard Examiner : October 16, 1951

Fd 3                    Diary of Henry W. Nelson from May 25, 1904 to January 26, 1905

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