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MS 264- Defense Depot Ogden Architectural Drawings Collection

MS 264

DDO Architectural Drawings Collection



The drawings architectural drawings of the Defense Depot of Ogden (DDO) deal mostly with renovating, remodeling, and updating the buildings between the 1940s and the late 1990s. There is a group of drawings in the early 1940s that includes original blueprints for newly built buildings. Almost every drawing was given a number within a series. The series if fairly easy to follow with each project number followed the last two digits of the year in which the drawing was used. The series from the 1940s is the exception with only the last digit of the year the drawings were used. There are numbers that do not fit in the series. The UG series is from the early 1940s and has to do with the original construction of the buildings. There are a few other number series that do not fit any obvious system.

There are a few drawings that are not of the DDO. There is a group of drawings that are of the Interment Camps or POW Camps. Some of the drawings are of the conversion of POW Camps for other purposes. The details of the other drawings range from simple floor plans with equipment rearrangement to detailed electrical replacement. Many of the drawings, specifically those with the Administration Buildings, include specifics for furniture, whether built in or movable.

The drawings have been arranged by the predominant number system and then by the other number systems. The folder identifications have the drawings listed with building or project first, followed by the system number, the date of use, sheet numbers and then the type of drawing, whether architectural, electrical, detail, etc.

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