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MS 266 Ogden Carnegie Library Collection

MS 266

Ogden Carnegie Library Collection


This collection contains a scrapbook and autograph book from the Carnegie Library Children's Librarian.   The scrapbook contains information on the Summer Reading Circle from 1933-1941 including the certificates given to students, reading lists, and newspaper articles.   The autograph book contains inscriptions from authors who visited the library such as Father Bernard R. Hubbard, R. E. Byrd, and Anna Bird Stewart.   The items were an anonymous donation from a previous children's librarian in 2004.



              Fd 1                      Records of the Summer Reading Circle: 1933-1941

              Fd 2                      Autograph Book

              Fd 3                      Photograph of Miss Helen Fay and June Metcalf

              Fd 4                      Photograph of Dorothy Lathrop's Picture

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