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MS 282 Wayne Thornock Pamphlet Collection

MS 282

O. Wayne Thornock Pamphlet Collection


This collection contains pamphlets collected by Wayne Thornock during his LDS mission in England after World War II.   The items were donated by Mr. Thornock in 2006.



              Fd 1                      About Myself

              Fd 2                      Active Religion

              Fd 3                      After Baptism…What?

              Fd 4                      Baptism, How and By Whom Administered

              Fd 5                      The Bible

              Fd 6                      Divine Authority

              Fd 7                      A Friendly Discussion

              Fd 8                      Guide Posts to Happiness

              Fd 9                      A God Who Speaks

              Fd 10                    The Greatest of All

              Fd 11                    Helping Others to Help Themselves

              Fd 12                    Joseph Smith Tells His Own Story…

              Fd 13                    Life's Greatest Questions

              Fd 14                    The Plan of Salvation

              Fd 15                    Rays of Living Light: Apostasy

              Fd 16                    Rays of Living Light: The Book of Mormon

              Fd 17                    Rays of Living Light: Divine Authority

              Fd 18                    Rays of Living Light: Faith

              Fd 19                    Rays of Living Light: Fruits of “Mormonism”

              Fd 20                    Rays of Living Light: The Gift of the Holy Ghost

              Fd 21                    Rays of Living Light: Repentance and Baptism

              Fd 22                    Rays of Living Light: Salvation for the Dead

              Fd 23                    Restoration

              Fd 24                    The Strength of the “Mormon” Position

              Fd 25                    What Others Say

              Fd 26                    What Shall Men Believe? # 2, 3, 6, 7, 8

              Fd 27                    What the “Mormons” Believe

              Fd 28                    Why I Believe the Book of Mormon to be the Word of God

              Fd 29                    Why “Mormonism”? # 1, 4

              Fd 30                    Women and Marriage Among the “Mormons”

              Fd 31                    Requisition for Branch Funds

              Fd 32                    Monthly Primary Report

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