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MS 290- Nathan Mazer Collection

              This collection was donated by Nathan Mazer.   There are three parts to this collection.   The first and largest part of the collection is about the Golden Spike and items pertaining to the railroad.   The first collection contains photos, posters, paintings, medals, newspaper articles, and correspondence, which have been categorized alphabetically.   The second part of this collection is about Hill Field Air Force Museum.   It contains photos, correspondence, stories, and a variety of Air Force Posters.   The third and smallest part of this collection is a miscellaneous assortment of the life of Nathan Mazer.






Golden Spike


Fd1                     Advertisement for Railroad
Fd2                     Stephen E. Ambrose
Fd3                     Articles of Incorporation for Golden Spike Railroad Museum
Fd4                     Box Elder County
Fd5                     Commerative Golden Spike
Fd6                     Correspondence
Fd7                     Golden Hotel Ad
Fd8                     Golden Spike
Fd9                     The Golden Spike by Kate B. Carter
Fd10                   Golden Spike Articles
Fd11                   Golden Spike Celebration-Photos
Fd12                   Golden Spike Celebration: 1919
Fd13                   Golden Spike Centennial Commission
Fd14                   Golden Spike Centennial Correspondence
Fd15                   Golden Spike Forum
Fd16                   Golden Spike Forum-Photos



Fd1                     Golden Spike Medal
Fd2                     Golden Spike Medal
Fd3                     Golden Spike Postage
Fd4                     Golden Spike Railroads Business Cards
Fd5                     Golden Spike
Fd6                     Golden Spike Re-enactment Photos
Fd7                     Golden Spike Slides
Fd8                     Grenville M. Dogde-Central Oregon Railroad War
Fd9                     Misc. Types of Engines used
Fd10                   Nate Mazer Oral Interview: 11/10/72
Fd11                   National Fund Raiser-National Railroad Hall of Fame
Fd12                   National Railroad Hall of Fame
Fd13                   National Railroad Hall of Fame-Charter
Fd14                   National Railroad Hall of Fame-Correspondence
Fd15                   National Railroad Hall of Fame Letterhead
Fd16                   Newspapers-Kansas City Newspaper-Union Station
Fd17                   Newspapers-Railroad
Fd18                   Newspapers-Standard Examiner
Fd19                   Newspapers-The Tremonton Leader/Garland Times
Fd20                   Oral History of Nate Mazer
Fd21                   “People Who Came on the First Trains”-Kate B. Carter




Fd1                     Photos-Train Schedule, Train, Misc.
Fd2                     Principal Register
Fd3                     Promontory, Utah
Fd4                     Railroad Hall of Fame
Fd5                     Railroad Hall of Fame enshrine Leland Stanford & E. H. Harriman
Fd6                     Railroad Stamps
Fd7                     Rose Parade Float
Fd8                     Significant Dates Transcontinental Completions
Fd9                     Southern Pacific's Role in the Golden Spike Centennial
Fd10                   Trains-Photos
Fd11                   Union Pacific Centennial Certificate
Fd12                   Union Pacific Railroad-Golden Spike Centennial Celebration
Fd13                   Union Station
Fd14                   Union Station Advisory Committee




Fd1                     Articles of Incorporation-Golden Spike Museum
Fd2                     Articles of Incorporation-National Railroad Hall of Fame
Fd3                     Golden Spike Centennial
Fd4                     Golden Spike Posters
Fd5                     National Railroad Hall of Fame and Museum
Fd6                     Newspapers




Fd1                     Plaque 1869-1969-Golden Spike Centennial Celebration Commission
Fd2                     Plaque “…The Pacific Railroad is completed…” May 10, 1869
Fd3                     The Pacific Railway Medal




Fd1                     Advertisement of the Grand Opening of the Union Pacific (Green)
Fd2                     Gold Set-Pictures of Railroad
Fd3                     Labor Unions-Statements about Railroad (Teal)
Fd4                     Orange Set of Railroad Pictures
Fd5                     Pictures of Construction of Railroad/Golden Spike (Red)
Fd6                     Photo of a wall at Golden Spike Museum
Fd7                     Tan Group of Railroad Pictures




Fd1                     Advertisement against Railroad
Fd2                     Advertisement for the Adirondack Railway
Fd3                     Golden Spike Menu
Fd4                     Golden Spike Picture
Fd5                     Locomotives
Fd6                     Ogden Standard Examiner-Golden Spike Centennial Edition
Fd7                     Ogden Standard Examiner-Map
Fd8                     Photos-Jupiter, 119, and the Rose Parade
Fd9                     Promontory Summit -Fore…And Aft
Fd10                   Reception Program-“The Golden Spike: A Journey Through History”
Fd11                   The Stream Trip of the Century
Fd12                   Tribune Eagle-The Golden Spike a New Era for the West
Fd13                   Union Pacific Poster



Fd1                     Buffalo Bill-Union Pacific Poster
Fd2                     Golden Spike
Fd3                     Joining of the two Railroads-Golden Spike
Fd4                     National Railroad Hall of Fame and Museum Correspondence
Fd5                     New York Times-100 years later…Golden Spike




Fd1                     Ogden Standard Examiner-Golden Spike Centennial Edition
Fd2                     Pictures and Commentary about laying tracks
Fd3                     Photos-Railroad
Fd4                     Russian Newspaper-American Railroad
Fd5                     Star Tribune-Rare Photos
Fd6                     Train Drawing
Fd7                     Union Pacific Railroad Centennial 1869-1969
Fd8                     Union Pacific Railroad-Picture Golden Spike
Fd9                     Union Pacific Railroad-Time Schedule



Fd1                     Medals of the Union Pacific Railroad
Fd2                     Painting on Wood-Bridging the Missouri River at Omaha , 1870
Fd3                     Painting on Wood-Golden Spike




•  Poster-May 8, 9, 10, 1969-Sacramento Gold Spike Centennial Celebration-First railroad to span the continent

•  Poster-May 10, 1969-Golden Spike Centennial Celebration

•  Poster-September 15, 1981-John Bull's 150 th Anniversary

•  Poster-North America Railway Hall of Fame-Preliminary Nomination Form

•  Poster-Golden Spike & Iron Men




Hill Field Aerospace Museum


Fd1                     544 th Bombardment Squadron-Nate Mazer
Fd2                     Aerospace Business Cards
Fd3                     Air Corps Gunnery School
Fd4                     Air Force WWII bomb Groups Reunion
Fd5                     Correspondence
Fd6                     Hill Aerospace Museum
Fd7                     Hill Museum
Fd8                     Hill Museum Photos-Chapel
Fd9                     James Henderson Straubel
Fd10                   Job Rating
Fd11                   Mazer in WWII
Fd12                   Military Picture
Fd13                   Murals
Fd14                   Mural Dedication
Fd15                   Newspaper Article-Standard Examiner
Fd16                   One Version of the Trip over Germany in “The Fight'n Hebe”
Fd17                   “The Quiet Professionals” Card Set
Fd18                   Thomas T. Leavitt Plaque
Fd19                   To Soar While Still: The Story of Hill Aerospace Museum




Fd1                     Air Force Posters-Planes
Fd2                     Air Force Posters-Soldiers
Fd3                     Hill Field and Golden Spike
Fd4                     Posters –World War II
Fd5                     Space Posters






Fd1                     Clarion, Utah
Fd2                     Correspondence
Fd3                     Flag Day Ceremony
Fd4                     It's a Great Life by Don Peterson
Fd5                     Letter from Ronald Reagan
Fd6                     Nate Mazer-Misc. Photos
Fd7                     Parade
Fd8                     Photo-Michael Gross
Fd9                     Photos-Nate Mazer
Fd10                   Utah State Quarter
Fd11                   Weber County Industrial Development Bureau
Fd12                   WSC Homecoming: 1980
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