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MS 293- Laura P. King Collection

MS 293

Laura Pauline Angell King Collection


              This collection was donated by Diana King Hoeffer . The collection revolves around Laura Pauline Angell King, the daughter of Truman Angell Jr , who was the architect for the Salt Lake City LDS Temple . Laura King was born November of 1884 and died in February of 1955.   This collection contains a wide variety of documents and memorabilia including some of her family correspondence; records from the Daughters of Utah Pioneers; and Newspaper Articles about herself and other members of the LDS Church .



Box 1


Laura and William King


Fd 1                   Church Records and Certificates for William and Laura King

Fd 2                     Young Family Tree and Funeral Book

Fd 3                      War Bond for Laura P. King

Fd 4                     Schooling Records

Fd 5                     Genealogical Society of Utah

Fd 6                     Short-Hand and Free-Hand Notes




Fd 7                     Albert “Bert” Angell

Fd 8                     Correspondence from Truman Angell

Fd 9                     Sketch of the Life of Truman Angell

Fd 10                   Pages 3 -11 of History by Truman Angell




Fd 11                   Correspondence to Ms. Angell from Horsear

Fd 12                   Family Correspondence

Fd 13                   Misc. Correspondence


Newspaper Articles


Fd 14                   Small Newspaper Articles about Laura King

Fd 15                    Large Newspaper Articles about Laura King

Fd 16                   Small Newspaper Articles of Laura King

Fd 17                   Large Newspaper Articles of Laura King

Fd 18                   Unknown Articles of Laura King


Misc. Items


Fd 19                   Temple Souvenir Album

Fd 20                   A letter Condemning the Death Penalty

Fd 21                   Notebook


Box 2 (Oversized)


Fd 1                     Angell Forefathers

Fd 2                     Blessing for William King (Written and Typed)

Fd 3                      Day by Day with the Utah Pioneers

Fd 4                     Family History

Fd 5                     Home Teaching and Training

Fd 6                     Home Teaching Kit

Fd 7                     Laura King's Daughters of Utah Pioneers

Fd 8                     Methods in Tracing Pedigrees

Fd 9                      Power of Attorney concerning the Gregorys

Fd 10                   Publicity Photo

Fd 11                   “Religion and Education” Essay













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