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MS 295- Utah State Poetry Society Collection

MS 295

Utah State Poetry Society Collection


              This collection contains Utah State Poetry Society reception programs and announcements, poems, correspondence, and obituaries of Utah State Poetry Society Members. This collection was received in 2007.


Bx 1


              Fd 1                      Cheat Grass by Marilyn Bushman Carlton

              Fd 2                      Chokecherry Rain by Margaret Pettis

              Fd 3                      Christensen , Alberta Obituary

              Fd 4                      Correspondence

              Fd 5                      Frame the Sacred Moments by Pearle M. Olsen

              Fd 6                      Intrinsic Tapestries by Clarence P. Socwell

              Fd 7                      Jamie's Christmas by Ora Pate Stewart

              Fd 8                      Mosaic by Randall L. Hall

              Fd 9                      Olsen, Pearle Madsen Funeral Program

              Fd 10                    Poetry Contest Announcement

              Fd 11                    Rainflowers

              Fd 12                    Riddlestone by Kathryn Clement

              Fd 13                    The Search by Carol Lynn Pearson

              Fd 14                    Shape of Flight by Helen Mar Cook

              Fd 15                    The Shell in Silk by Nancy Hanks Baird

              Fd 16                    Songs Within the Sounds by Frank M. Decaria

              Fd 17                    Stretching Toward Wild Swans by Muriel Heal Bywater

              Fd 18                    Timepiece by Patricia S. Grimm

              Fd 19                    Timothy's People by Carma Rossi

              Fd 20                    Utah State Poetry Society

              Fd 21                    Where Ghosts Are Garrisoned by Elaine L. Ipson





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